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  1. Teresa its coming together so lovely! I love your workstation and that view! such a lovely place to work ;) And 'Miss Riaboushka' is so charming! she will fit in this house so nicely... great work! im so proud of you! p.s. i LOVE that door you added between the kitchen and the living room!
  2. First off.. Happy New Year Everyone! I wish you all a wonderul successful year! So since this was a 3 day weekend i wanted to take the opportunity to work as much as I could on my White Orchid because I would really like to get back to work on my willowcrest. So I started on attached the porch railings, trims, and the rest of the roof... After that I turned the house around and glued down the upstairs hardwood floors. This didnt take much time at all. And I think it came out looking pretty good... after that I attached the back side of the roof. from their I g
  3. im speechless.... you did a wonderful job!! a winner for sure!!! great great GREAT work!
  4. its looking great!! are you going to do a blog on your brimbles build?
  5. ok where did i leave off last time? well im not sure so I will just do a general update. The downstairs is completely wallpapered and the hard wood floors have been glued down. after I was done with that I glued the 2nd floor on and began wallpapering the upstairs. Tonight I started to work on the exterior some more. I started off gluing the porch base together and attached the railing, door frame ,etc. adding all the trim was very easy. the instructions were very straight forward and i didnt need to do much if any repairing at all. and last bu
  6. Teresa your willowcrest is coming along beautifully!!! and fast!! my suggestion to you which nutti originally gave to me was to not glue down the 1st floor staircase until after you have wallpapered. once that side wall is up.. its a VERY tight fit!! I wanted a bigger bathroom but im making due with what i have .. .actually im going to put my toliet in that little closet area under the stairs! lol.. i would LOVE to see how you would go about expanding that though! great start, your making the willowcrest proud!
  7. Wow I got ALOT done tonight.. I am very pleased with my results So lets see.. Last night, I finished punching out all the pieces and put them in their labeled bags. Tonight... tonight i went to michaels and had myself a little shopping spree I bought some wallpaper, some glue, some spools of thread for decoration and a few other things. O ya i guess i should mention what the theme of this house is.. well before I do that let me introduce ... Tinkerbell, the White Orchids new resident :wub: This will be "Tinkerbells Cottage" the outside will still stay true to i
  8. Ms. Mini

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    sounds great so far! So now... where is the eye candy! lol
  9. I love your finished results!! now here are a few questions did you use a hinge for the front door? If so did you paint it white? I want my door to open but i only have brass hinges. Also, what type of shingles do u plan to use? Im still in debate if i will be wallpapering or not.. i originally was going to be building a wedding church.. but not im leaning towards something else and i think it will need some color in the interior. Do u plan to wallpaper the interior? Again.. great work.. wow im so impressed it looks wonderful!
  10. Teresa your blog is great!! I just started building mine last night and I agree. building this house is a dream. I love the material!! I will def. be referring to your blog while putting mine together tonight!! great work!!
  11. Last night I just couldn't resist... I opened up my White Orchid box!! And let me tell you I am in LOVE with the material it is made of!! :wub: No mess, easy to punch out, this house is going to be a dream to build!! So I started out seperating all the pieces and putting them in labeled zip lock bags. Its very refreshing to work on a little house after taking all the pieces out on my willowcrest. So much easier to orgainze and start. I totally recomend the zip lock bag orgainzing method. Very trackable. On each bag I put: -the name of the pieces -the sheet they are from
  12. Well I spent probably at least 5 hours total working on my willowcrest today. And I am So happy with its progress. I finished the roof shingles. they are DONE! Thank goodness too because they were driving me insaine! After that I side panled the back side of the house. Which was very simple because it was a very small area to panel! I did some sanding, and then on to the painting! Of course that didnt take to long either and sure enough when a few hours it was done! All the trim is painted and put on.. So yep, thats about it so far. I probably wont work on
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  14. ooo i see what you mean! thats a great idea! i will def. do that! thank you so much I LOVE your new avatar by the way ;)
  15. thanks nutti coming from you that is a very good complement!! because i love how you did your willowcrest!! when you said on the "corners" do you mean the edges where the shingles meet?
  16. its coming along beautifully! i cant wait to see how it turns out
  17. Wow i have done ALOT to my house since my last blog. I dont even know where to start. Well I finished painting all the blue on the exterior of the house. And I have painted almost all the ext white trim. .. Next was I shingled the entire left side of the roof and the front left side of the roof... I used some wood filler to close up the gap on the left side roof in between the shingles. im hoping it turns out ok with it. Next up I worked on the 2nd story stairs. Now somehow in the middle of our move in July I have lost about 4 or 5 pieces to my willowcrest, including
  18. your kitchen looks amazing!! I love the stove.. wow so much detail! you should be very proud
  19. Ms. Mini

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    lol dont we all get distracted on here? haha.. sounds like you got some stuff done! i cant wait to see some pics enjoy your 3 day weekend!!
  20. Adding color to a dollhouse really makes a hudge difference on the whole “morale” of the project. During the middle of last week I painted the front exterior and did some trim painting… Having side paneling in my opinion really adds a completely different aspect and “feel” for the house itself and I am so glad to took the time to do it… It really has paid off now. I think one of my favorite features of this house is the Top Arch, wow is she a beauty! It just brings so much character to the front of the house. Im not sure if I mentioned the color I went with in a prevous blog but I w
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  22. Let’s see… the topic today will be???? Side paneling! Yes I know again right? As you know this is the first house I have ever side paneled and you can definitely see the first area I started paneling is completely different from the rest! But that’s ok it looks ok I think. And its just one side of the house. I found the best way to do an even paneling is once a layer is glued down take a piece of panel and line it up where you want the text one to go. Then I would just trace a thin pencil line at the bottom of it so when its time to glue I know exactly where it needs to go! I only have one sec
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  24. wow, that stair case came out beautiful!! i love that stair runner you put on it. it adds such a perfect touch well done!!
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