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  1. The house is using ALOT of glue. but thats ok because its a very strudy house. I havent had a single problem yet. "Knock on wood" Ive pretty much been following the instructions the entire way, and they are SO easy to follow. there are even hand drawn pictures of what you are supposed to be doing. cant beat that! So I started out adding a little bit more glue to the sides of the 3rd floor bottom. Then I started to attach the 3 pieces of each bay window... Before I glued i gave each piece a good sanding, then dry fitted to make sure it fit! Then I laid it down with the back side face
  2. Welp Ive been seriously busy this morning! I had to make up for no mini building this past week! I worked on my Emerson row too, but I wanted to post about my White orchid first! So basically the exterior is finished now. I glued all the windows and attached them... Added all the trim. And I finished up the ivy on the roof! I bought my ivy from michaels, it came in a big box with nothing but ivy leaves. I was going to cover the entire roof but i think that would have been a litte to "over kill". On the roof that is on the back i decided just to add a "trim" of ivy. at firs
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  4. its just darling! It looks like a real house! great job :lol:
  5. haha instructions? what are those? lol i like to mix things up a bit and go at my own pace!
  6. So tonight I got most of the shell put together. I swear i keep saying this over and over but this house has been a dream to put together so far! I started out gluing the left side of the house down, i layed it down on its side and put some books on it to dry for about 10 mins. after that I attached the right side of the house and did the same thing. Next I attached the 2nd floor! then i realized i made a mistake. i glued the hall walls upside down!! ahhh!! so since my glue is glued down realy well i could not remove the pieces without breaking them SO! I just cut off the
  7. a peak inside their miniature world...
  8. Thanks Heidi! i love your dancing girls on your signature!! so cute!
  9. Well I started working on my Emerson Row this weekend :wub: I didnt get to take step by step pics because i let my mom borrow my camera over the weekend. but i did just take a few pics of what ive done so far... I started out taking each piece out and sorting them in labled zip lock baggies. Punching out the pieces was a dream, everything was in excellent coniditon. The only problem I had was punchign out the hall stair railing. I ended up having to do ALOT of mending to that piece.... I am electrifying this house so i will not be putting in wallpaper or hardwood floorings until after I
  10. everything is beautiful! i especially love that staircase! wow!
  11. Teresa you made my whole day posting a new blog!! ive been eagerly waiting for new pics of the beloved willowcrest. those flowers you painted are beautiful! you sure are talented!! everything is coming along perfect! and the lighting is gorgous.. makes me wish i had done lighting!! i might have to go back and figure something out lol. great work Teresa honestly wowo!!!
  12. Well shes almost finished I set her aside on the dresser tonight to start the Emerson row. Here are a few pics of her :wub:
  13. nutti your lily is coming along so nicely! i love the color you chose
  14. Today was a fun filled mini day! i got lots of new goodies! First off i went over to my moms tonight and she suprised me with a mini gift! She bought me a mini sushi set off ebay from hong kong! i love it! here is a pic of it inside my willowcrest kitchen Then when I got home I was happy to see that my HBS package arrived!!! I got my Chrysnbon Stove kit which will be going in the willowcrest kitchen. since the kitchen is so small i plan to put the stove where the tile fireplace is. I havent decided this 100 percent yet. but if i like it there i will just take the mantel
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    it looks wonderful so far! I love your idea of a department store!
  16. I honestly think I've lost my mind.. it seems like i will "finish" for the day.. then 30 mins later I go back to my work bench and start working more :wub: I did alot of work. This morning I started of staining the rest of the interior window frames and attached the windows the the house. Next I turned the house around and did some work on the 3rd floor. As I mentioned in another blog entry, I lost the piece that closes up the 2nd story stair. SO i had to make my own.. i think it looks ok what do you think? Then I decided to do a little more detail work to the arch... This took
  17. its looking wonderfun! I love the colors youve chosen
  18. Its coming along wonderfully! I love how many rooms it has!! so many things you can do to it!! cant wait to see more pics
  19. Hello again Well I dont feel like typing much so this blog will mostly be pictures I did ALOT of touch up and detail work on the exterior tonight and last night. Last night I finished all the shingle staining. Today I attached trims and did painting. On monday my HBS order should be here. Then I can finally attach the front door. Im waiting on my 2 crystal door knobs and my mail slo and the building numberst. So hopefully monday night I will be able to complete the front of the house Here is a pic before i painted the strip of blue on the trim.. and here it is all painted
  20. Thanks Marg:) ya Im much happier with the space up on the 3rd floor now that the chimney is gone
  21. Well tonight my Willowcrest was calling me.. So I gently put my WO aside and starting playing around with her.. seeing what I wanted to "work" on tonight :wub: SO I decided I needed to get my butt in gear with that roof! ive been avoiding it for too long! So I started out giving 2 coats of paint... Tomorrow I will add the brick work to the chimney and I will re paint the white trim.. After that I decided to start staining.!!! I spent about an hour and 30 mins doing one full side and one side of the front. I think its coming out really nice. In the pics it looks a little
  22. it sounds wonderful Marg! i cant wait to see the pictures
  23. My two favorite houses being built side by side :wub:
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