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  1. Burger king guy looks like a creepy stalker.

    exactly... :p he scares me... i think the first commerial of his that got me to be afriad of him was the one were the guy looks out his window and sees the "king" from a distance.. :) then closer, and closer, and then the next shot he is right in your face!!! ;)

    ya he is a creep stalker :)

  2. Great idea! I never saw this thread :p

    Lets see.. about "me"...

    My name is Jenny, I am 21 years old and have lived in San Diego, CA my whole life. I started dating my boyfriend when we were 16 and have been together ever since.

    I love to read, i go through a new book almost once a week.

    My favorite color is pink

    I collect shot glasses and anything zebra print

    I HATE needles, spiders, and the king from the burger king commericals (he seriously freaks me out!)

    My dream job would be to become an interior designer

    I played soccer for 17 years and traveled all over with my club team.

    I love to sing, i was in my middle choir all three years and Ensemble in high school

    I moved out of the house when I was 17, decided college wasnt for me and started working full time.

    I am now currently going part time to college

    I work ALOT, i am the HR and AP for our branch here in san diego

    I have 3 brothers and 1 sister, all much younger than me. I have 1 brother that is 7 years younger, 1 brother that is 9 years younger, a sister that is 9 years younger, and a brother that is 15 years younger than me.

    so needless to say i was ALWAYS babysitting

    My family is very important to me. my parents divorced when i was 6 months old so i have always had to sets of families. my dad is a Master Chief in the Navy and is in several text books, he was my living history project in high school :) So i grew up in a very millitary imvorment but sadly my dad missed out alot of my life while i was growing up.

    I love chick flicks, i could watch pretty woman, runaway bride, sweet home alabama a billion times in a row..

    And i just love to build dollhouses, i someday hope to have a big enough house where i can host several of my dream dollhouses, the willowcrest, emerson row, beacon hill, the pierce, the garfield, all on one street, and dedicate a whole room to that!

    hmm anything else? of course there is loads but this is good for now :)

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