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  1. Ms. Mini

    Well it has really been awhile since I updated my blog. And since I have been working on my E.R. again the past week I thought I should post some pictures and write a few things.

    As you can see from the pics I have changed the color from a light green to "sunflower yellow" I am MUCH happier with this color and I think it compliments the house well. There is still one side of the E.R. that I need to put siding on, but I am going to be doing a paper clay stone chimney on the side so I need to complete that first.

    I also changed the color of the paper glay stones that are on the gable. The darker greys just didnt seem to go well with yellow. so i used more softer tones.

    I started to sand and paint some of the exterior window trims.. I have decided to go with a "antique white.

    Well thats really it for now. Im hoping to finish the rest of the window trims this weekend. I'll post more pictures later :whistle:
  2. Ms. Mini
    Today was a fun filled mini day! i got lots of new goodies! First off i went over to my moms tonight and she suprised me with a mini gift! She bought me a mini sushi set off ebay from hong kong! i love it! here is a pic of it inside my willowcrest kitchen

    Then when I got home I was happy to see that my HBS package arrived!!!

    I got my Chrysnbon Stove kit which will be going in the willowcrest kitchen. since the kitchen is so small i plan to put the stove where the tile fireplace is. I havent decided this 100 percent yet. but if i like it there i will just take the mantel off the fireplace and put the stove over it, i think it woulod look just fine

    Next it was time to glue the new crystal door knobs i ordered on to the front doors and to attach them to the house! :wub:

    The front of the house feels very complete now. Im very happy with how the front door turned out. Now here are a few more pics....

    Thats all for now :wub:
  3. Ms. Mini
    Wow its been awhile since I updated my blog!! I honestly took about a 3 week break from my E.R. when I was working on my heart arbor entry. But over the past 2 weeks I have added sidding and just did my first bit of stone work with paper clay!

    The siding was SOOO easy to do with the Emerson Row, besides all the windows in the frotn I had to cut around This is my 2nd house I have added siding to, the first was my willowcrest.

    The entry was kind of a pain, but with a little paitients I was able to get the look I wanted.

    In total the front took about 3 hours, not bad if you ask me. The willowcrest I had to do in several sittings because there was SO much to side!

    Then it was on to the left side! which was very easy might i ad because there was no windows and it was a straight surface! LOVED IT!

    I would say that side took about an hour to complete. ... I ran out of siding after this side so I had to place an order with hbs.com to get the rest that I needed. So I'm still waiting for those to be delivered. While I was waiting for the siding I decided to go ahead and attempt some paper clay stone work! and Im pretty pleased with the results! I honestly have to give total credit to tracy though. without her blog tutorial and all the pictures of her beautiful houses i wouldnt have been able to do this!

    I started out coating the surance of the gable with elmers wood glue... let it get a little sticky and then started rolling out some paper clay! Then just piece by piece added clay to cover the entry surface of it!

    after I covered the entire surface I just started sculpting stones! very easy to do, and I had a whole bunch of clay tools that caleb gave me for xmas that I used. It was alot of fun.

    and thats it for progress right now! today I plan to do the stone work on the other gable and then prim the siding!!!
  4. Ms. Mini
    Well tonight was the first time Ive actually worked on my Emerson Row in a week. And it was very happy to get some attention! Last night Caleb and I were looking at it, and talking about what can be added to the house. The houses name is now called "The White Dove" the arch window above the entry doorway will be a staineglass window with a dove with an olive branch in its mouth. I will be adding a staircase that leads from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor. and then (here comes the good part) I'm going to make stairs that lead from the 3rd floor to the roof!!! Im going to get an iron bar type fence and line it all along the edges of the flat part of the roof. And wa la! you have a deck! I thought this would be a cool little touch, and I'll put maybe a patio table and chairs up there. The rooms will be:

    The Right Room on the 3rd floor will be the bathroom

    The Left room on the 3rd floor will be the library/parlor

    Both rooms on the 2nd floor will be guest rooms

    The left room on the 1st floor will be the reception/check in area

    The right room on the 1st floor will be the dinning area

    The left side of the basement will be the kitchen

    The right side of the basement will be the wine cellar.

    So thats the plan... Also I have chosen "Hunter Green" for the main color of the house, and "Antique White" for the window trims.

    So tonight I finished attaching the roof....

    I used blue tape to hold the edges tightly in place. And I used wood glue to bond it together.

    After that I began to work on my side paneling again.

    I forgot how time consuming this is ... so i only did a little bit of it tonight. I just did enough to finsih the basement level.

    thats it for now! not much progress tonight, but at least the entire shell is together now!! :wub:

  5. Ms. Mini
    Wow I actually got some work done tonight!

    I started out wallpapering the 2 3rd floor arches. The pink is for the bathroom and the darker gray is for the attic (i think thats what its gonna be).

    After the wallpaper was dry I glued them on and started to attach the roof. i figured it would be easier to glue if the house was laying down. So I layed it down with the exterior facing up. and just fit the roof together. I used blue tape to keep them tight while they dried...

    After it dried a little bit I stood it back up right.. things are looking good i think...

    And last but not least here is a picture of the front!

    Im going to let those pieces of the roof dry over night, then tomorrow i will attach the rest.
  6. Ms. Mini
    The house is using ALOT of glue. but thats ok because its a very strudy house. I havent had a single problem yet. "Knock on wood" Ive pretty much been following the instructions the entire way, and they are SO easy to follow. there are even hand drawn pictures of what you are supposed to be doing. cant beat that!

    So I started out adding a little bit more glue to the sides of the 3rd floor bottom. Then I started to attach the 3 pieces of each bay window...

    Before I glued i gave each piece a good sanding, then dry fitted to make sure it fit! Then I laid it down with the back side face down on the table. I figured this would be the easiest way to let the glue dry without having "drips' . Then While the edges of the first piece were drying i pressed down to make sure there would be no gaps.

    the other 2 pieces fit together great, there were a few tiny gaps, but if the glue doesnt fill it in i will use a little woody puddy once it dries.

    I repeated these steps with the other bay window as well. I used blue tape to hold down the edges while they dried.

    After about 30 mins i stood the house up right again.

    Then i turned the house around so that I could see the interior. I added some glue along the bay went bench edges.

    Here is a side profile veiw of the exterior...

    and last but not least, a picture of the exteior without the blue tap on!

    I'm actually considering NOT putting the roof on. There is a san fran hotel that i am kinda basing my exterior on and it doesnt have peaked roofs. it has a flat one. i know id be giving up an entier level of rooms. but i think it might make it "original" so we'll see. i do i will build a brick arch to go around the top.

  7. Ms. Mini
    Well I did some more work on the ER yesterday, but not a whole lot. I started doing the side paneling on the bottom of the front side. I havent gotten my hbs order yet, so i used my left overs from my willowcrest silly me didnt think ahead when i glued on the front panels.. the bottom part that hangs past them (not sure what this is called) was glued to the side of the wall!! so i couldnt put a straight piece of side panel through so i had to use 2 pieces instead, bummer. Here are some pics of what i have done so far...

    so yep thats all ive done so far. nothing to exciting. im still going with an off white for the exterior.. but i dont know.. i might go forest green or something like that. im worried that if i do white it will looking funny in pictures. i will however be doing the brick trim around the edges of all the windows. and if i make the structure itself white i will make those probably a grayish color. what do u think?
  8. Ms. Mini
    Welp Ive been seriously busy this morning! I had to make up for no mini building this past week!

    I worked on my Emerson row too, but I wanted to post about my White orchid first!

    So basically the exterior is finished now. I glued all the windows and attached them... Added all the trim. And I finished up the ivy on the roof! I bought my ivy from michaels, it came in a big box with nothing but ivy leaves. I was going to cover the entire roof but i think that would have been a litte to "over kill".

    On the roof that is on the back i decided just to add a "trim" of ivy. at first i put a bunch of sunflowers on the back to, but it really just made it to busy..

    I might add a few more touches here and there, but for the most part this house is done. I do however still need to make the furniture!

  9. Ms. Mini
    So tonight I got most of the shell put together. I swear i keep saying this over and over but this house has been a dream to put together so far!

    I started out gluing the left side of the house down, i layed it down on its side and put some books on it to dry for about 10 mins.

    after that I attached the right side of the house and did the same thing. Next I attached the 2nd floor!

    then i realized i made a mistake. i glued the hall walls upside down!! ahhh!! so since my glue is glued down realy well i could not remove the pieces without breaking them SO! I just cut off the tabs and wa la! presto! it is fixed!! lol So i added some extra glue where the tabs use to be to make sure it stayed secure.

    Everythings just coming together so smoothly. I just cant get over that. Im starting to love this house more and more!!

    After the glue dried a little longer i attached the 3rd floor base, and just like the others it fit perfect. i have glued this down all the way yet because im trying to correct some of the warping on the left side.

    I added some more glue to secure the left side base down and but a punch of books over it for the night to try to straighten out that side some.

    and at last here is one more pic of the front!

    thats all for now tomorrow im hoping to get some more done!
  10. Ms. Mini
    Well I started working on my Emerson Row this weekend :wub: I didnt get to take step by step pics because i let my mom borrow my camera over the weekend. but i did just take a few pics of what ive done so far...

    I started out taking each piece out and sorting them in labled zip lock baggies. Punching out the pieces was a dream, everything was in excellent coniditon. The only problem I had was punchign out the hall stair railing. I ended up having to do ALOT of mending to that piece.... I am electrifying this house so i will not be putting in wallpaper or hardwood floorings until after I run the tape wire. I have decided this will be a more modern house. San Fran style and the entire exterior will be side paneled i havent decided what the color theme is yet. but i know once "she" will speak to me soon enough :wub:

    I am using elmers wood glue to put the main pieces together and its working just fine, no mending needed at all!

  11. Ms. Mini
    I honestly think I've lost my mind.. it seems like i will "finish" for the day.. then 30 mins later I go back to my work bench and start working more :wub: I did alot of work. This morning I started of staining the rest of the interior window frames and attached the windows the the house.

    Next I turned the house around and did some work on the 3rd floor. As I mentioned in another blog entry, I lost the piece that closes up the 2nd story stair. SO i had to make my own.. i think it looks ok what do you think?

    Then I decided to do a little more detail work to the arch... This took ALOT of time and ALOT of paintence. But in the end.. i think it was worth it

    also i decided to paint the roof a darker color. it needs another coat but I can tell already that its made a huge difference. I cant wait for my hbs delivery to come in tomorrow so i can finish the front door. then after that.. its time to finish the interior!!!

    its hard for me to believe that this house is almost done.


    well ... I went back and worked on it some more dang house is very impatient. but then again Its taken me 8 months now to build her. So I know she wants to come "to life" already. I went with a dark walnut color with a redish tint for the front door. I wanted it to be a different color than the rest of the exterior stain (plantation walnut)

    I figured i might as well stain the door tonight so it can dry. then tomorrow i can do all the fun stuff to it (door knobs, window, mail slot) The top roof is dry. I will put one more coat of paint on it tomorrow. Then do the chimney. touch up the white trim on the very top. and the exterior is good to go! :wub:

  12. Ms. Mini
    Well tonight my Willowcrest was calling me.. So I gently put my WO aside and starting playing around with her.. seeing what I wanted to "work" on tonight :wub:

    SO I decided I needed to get my butt in gear with that roof! ive been avoiding it for too long! So I started out giving 2 coats of paint...

    Tomorrow I will add the brick work to the chimney and I will re paint the white trim..

    After that I decided to start staining.!!!

    I spent about an hour and 30 mins doing one full side and one side of the front. I think its coming out really nice. In the pics it looks a little glossy and thats just because they arent dry yet. the stain is a dark walnut color and its the same stain i used to do the porch and the top of the proch

    after that i decided i needed to get rid of the chimeny in the upstairs room. it was just taking away to much space! so I started to saw away!!!

    1/2 through:

    After: I still need to stain the open ceiling space and hang the lights. SO it will look better over time :wub:

    Also tonight I added the brick trim to the base of the house itself. I didnt finish i just did the front part so i could tell if i liked it or not.. it looks a little shiny in the camera but in person it looks pretty good.

    So thats all for tonight hopefully tomorrow after work I will finish staining I then move on to painting the rest of the trims.

    Night night,
  13. Ms. Mini
    Hello again

    Well I dont feel like typing much so this blog will mostly be pictures I did ALOT of touch up and detail work on the exterior tonight and last night. Last night I finished all the shingle staining. Today I attached trims and did painting. On monday my HBS order should be here. Then I can finally attach the front door. Im waiting on my 2 crystal door knobs and my mail slo and the building numberst. So hopefully monday night I will be able to complete the front of the house

    Here is a pic before i painted the strip of blue on the trim..

    and here it is all painted

    Tonight Caleb came in to see how I was doing. And was very quite and was just staring at the house. When I asked him what was wrong. he told me that nothing was wrong it was just that my house was "simply beautiful" and he told me how proud of me he was. So thats all the good praise i need right there. Him saying that made my whole year :wub:

    on that note im gonna go to bed :wub:
  14. Ms. Mini
    First off.. Happy New Year Everyone! I wish you all a wonderul successful year!

    So since this was a 3 day weekend i wanted to take the opportunity to work as much as I could on my White Orchid because I would really like to get back to work on my willowcrest.

    So I started on attached the porch railings, trims, and the rest of the roof...

    After that I turned the house around and glued down the upstairs hardwood floors. This didnt take much time at all. And I think it came out looking pretty good...

    after that I attached the back side of the roof. from their I glued together the downstairs kitchen bay window.

    Thats all Ive done so far.. I might go back in there and work a little later. But my finger is still pretty messed up so my use of my left hand is pretty limited.

    Anyways please let me know what you guys think! I always love to hear your opinions!



    Silly me for thinking I was done working on the WO for the night.. I ended up going back to my work station and got quite alot done. I finished gluing all most of the trims, and built and attached the staircase...

    And last but not least, a "group" shot with my Willowcrest :wub:

  15. Ms. Mini
    ok where did i leave off last time? well im not sure so I will just do a general update. The downstairs is completely wallpapered and the hard wood floors have been glued down.

    after I was done with that I glued the 2nd floor on and began wallpapering the upstairs.

    Tonight I started to work on the exterior some more. I started off gluing the porch base together and attached the railing, door frame ,etc.

    adding all the trim was very easy. the instructions were very straight forward and i didnt need to do much if any repairing at all.

    and last but not least I hurt myself pretty badf tonight :wub: All week caleb has been telling me to be careful with my new exacto knife.. and tonight while i was triming the edge of wallpaper my handf slipped and the exacto knife went straight through the side of my middle finger. its pretty bad, i took out a really big chuck of skin. im hoping i dont need stiches. we are going to my moms house in the morning to help her take down her lights and im going to have her taker a look at it (shes a nurse) so we'll see. anyways on top of that we are out of bandaids!!!! :wub: so i had to use some gauze and some of my blue tape

    anyways so that is all for tonight. im sorry i didnt type much, i know this entry is mostly pictures. But my finger is hurting (also please excuse all typos as well, lol)

    good night everyone!
  16. Ms. Mini
    Wow I got ALOT done tonight.. I am very pleased with my results

    So lets see.. Last night, I finished punching out all the pieces and put them in their labeled bags.

    Tonight... tonight i went to michaels and had myself a little shopping spree

    I bought some wallpaper, some glue, some spools of thread for decoration and a few other things.

    O ya i guess i should mention what the theme of this house is.. well before I do that let me introduce ...

    Tinkerbell, the White Orchids new resident :wub:

    This will be "Tinkerbells Cottage" the outside will still stay true to its beauitful whiteness. but the inside will be homie, and will have the appearance of tinkerbells hideaway.. the furntiure will be a little big for her, spools of thread everywhere, thimbles, sewing needles. There will be ivy and flowers growing all along the side of the exterior. Its going to be very cool!

    So tonight I started out gluing the 3 main pieces together. I had bought some quick drying glue and when I put the first bit on the base i realized that it was not clear glue... opps. so i will not be using this glue.

    after that i started wallpapering the living room walls. I used my quick dry glue and my exacto knife to trim the window frames and the sides of the walls.

    after i was finished wallpapering the kitchen and living room i glued down the wood floors...

    After the floors and the wallpaper was glued down i put the sparkly transparent wallpaper i bougt for the downstairs ceiling..

    After that dried i attached the 2nd floor base to the house, let it sit and dry for a few mintues and began to wallpaper the upstairs.

  17. Ms. Mini
    Well I spent probably at least 5 hours total working on my willowcrest today. And I am So happy with its progress. I finished the roof shingles. they are DONE! Thank goodness too because they were driving me insaine!

    After that I side panled the back side of the house. Which was very simple because it was a very small area to panel! I did some sanding, and then on to the painting! Of course that didnt take to long either and sure enough when a few hours it was done! All the trim is painted and put on..

    So yep, thats about it so far. I probably wont work on it again until after Christmas. Next I will paint the top part of the roof and stain the shingles I think.

    I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday! :wub:
  18. Ms. Mini
    Wow i have done ALOT to my house since my last blog. I dont even know where to start. Well I finished painting all the blue on the exterior of the house. And I have painted almost all the ext white trim. ..

    Next was I shingled the entire left side of the roof and the front left side of the roof...

    I used some wood filler to close up the gap on the left side roof in between the shingles. im hoping it turns out ok with it.

    Next up I worked on the 2nd story stairs. Now somehow in the middle of our move in July I have lost about 4 or 5 pieces to my willowcrest, including the top portion to the stairs.. and the side wall that covers the interior side of the stairs. So I'm going to have to improvise on that one...

    Also I decided that the top window needed to be blue not white, and the trim needed to be white not blue. SO i switched it around... I think this is how is hould have done it in the first place.

    What do you think so far?
  19. Ms. Mini
    Adding color to a dollhouse really makes a hudge difference on the whole “morale” of the project. During the middle of last week I painted the front exterior and did some trim painting…

    Having side paneling in my opinion really adds a completely different aspect and “feel” for the house itself and I am so glad to took the time to do it… It really has paid off now. I think one of my favorite features of this house is the Top Arch, wow is she a beauty! It just brings so much character to the front of the house. Im not sure if I mentioned the color I went with in a prevous blog but I went with “Williamsberg Blue” and pure white for the trims. The white on this type of blue really stands out and gives it a very colonial look I think.

    Over the weekend I tackled the left side of the house. This side was much easier to paint since it didn’t have any arch’s or many windows. I did spend a few mintues before I did the actually painting and took the time to sand the sides down just one more time. To give it a cleaner look…

    On the kitchen bay window I used the clap board siding instead of the individual to give it a more modern look. Also I re stained the top part of this to a dark walnut. I did the same with the front of the house’s balcony and proch. I think it looks MUCH better with the white and helps it stand out a lot more.

    After that I painted the diamond shape staircase window trims. The main frame is white and I painted the 2nd layer blue to match the house. I got this idea from Nutti’s Willowcrest. Which by the way,, I look at her webshots pics ALL the time for inspiration and guidance while building mine. So if you are ever to build a willowcrest I highly recommend taking a look at her webshots album.

    After that I attached the white fascia trims that’s I painted early on, and also glued on the vertical trims that go on the corners. It’s really starting to look like a house now. And Im getting really excited to see its true “colors” come alive. This is the 3rd house I have built and it is my favorite by far, I am more proud of this house than I am of my other 2 combined. I look forward to completing this house and working on finishing the interior, and having this house to decorate for a life time. Well that’s all for now…

    -Jenny :whistle:
  20. Ms. Mini
    Let’s see… the topic today will be???? Side paneling! Yes I know again right? As you know this is the first house I have ever side paneled and you can definitely see the first area I started paneling is completely different from the rest! But that’s ok it looks ok I think. And its just one side of the house. I found the best way to do an even paneling is once a layer is glued down take a piece of panel and line it up where you want the text one to go. Then I would just trace a thin pencil line at the bottom of it so when its time to glue I know exactly where it needs to go! I only have one section left to panel, the stop arch in the front of the house. I’ve been trying to figure out what the best way would be to go about it because of the trim that goes around it. I think I’m going to “clip” on the trim and then line up the side paneling and trace the curve that needs to be cut off… Make sense? Hopefully that will work; we will just have to see on that one.
    After that I’m going to start on the porch railing. I already punched it all out, now I just need to give it a good sanding and paint it white. I’ll post some pictures later
    -Jenny :whistle:

  21. Ms. Mini
    Now that my beautiful new work station is built I have the building bug in full force!! I’ve done a lot of work since the last time I updated this blog. Since I’m at work I don’t have access to the pics right now, but if you take a peak at my gallery or even my web shots you can see them for now I am almost completely done with the side paneling of the house! This is the first time I’ve ever side paneled and let me tell you, it’s a pain in the butt!! But I am really pleased with the over all appearance of the house with it, it really does make a huge difference. The only part I am having trouble paneling is the very top of the front of the house were the arch is. I’m trying to decide what would be the best way about it. Do I glue on the arch before I side panel? Or side panel then glue it on top of it? Once I glue on the final pieces to the left side that is the next step I will be working out. Then after that it’s on to priming the outside! I’m so excited!!!

    -Jenny :whistle:
  22. Ms. Mini
    Well I happy to stay that ive made it to the top floor! whoo hoo!

    well since I was having problems with the 3rd floor bottom being unlevel putting in the right, left, and front walls was very tricky.

    I ended up triming the bottom slots a little bit so they would fit better. then used ALOT of glue. took about 40 mins of holding certain pieces while they dried, then carefully fitting the next piece in.

    the 2 post on the side of the house were very easy to put on. just put some dabs of glue cliped on a few clips to hold it while it dried, and wa la! perfecto

    :whistle: well its getting a little late and I need to head to bed, I'll finish this blog tomorrow.

    Heres how I left my craft table for the night...

  23. Ms. Mini
    Well I wanted to get a warm, kind of hispantic feel for my kitchen fireplace. I dont know why because this house is definitley not that style house, but thats what the house was "saying" to me, so I had to do it. lol

    I started staining and gluing together the small fireplace that came with the house. After that I went to Michaels and bought 2 bags of tile. The come with 25 pieces each and its only 2.99 per bag. Very inexpensive which I LOVE. I chose to go with a gray and faded purple.

    I started out glueing one of each color over and over again to forum a tile patter down the side of the wall.

    unfortunatly i started getting a little uneven butin the end i think it went ok, i just added a little bit of staining to hide it.

    once the tile was in place and the fireplace was attached i went ahead and decided to cover the fireplace with tile as well. It seemed like it had something missing and I feel this did the trick

    so that is what it looked like complete! then on to adding some detail. I installed the mantel and then hung the copper holder and cups over it. And then added a gold picture frame above it.

    after that I added a sunflower, because the theme of the kithen is going to be "sunflowers'

    I think im going to replace the picture frame with a clock. I think one of those "sun clocks" spanish style would look great there. im going to keep my eyes open for one of those. Or i may just make one myself? that would work! that picture frame was going to have a picture of the house, edited old fashion style. I plan to put that picture and frame over the fireplace that will be in the living. Im in the process of making a fence to go over the fireplace right now, once that is complete I will add the final picture to this blog.

    Thats all for now :whistle:
  24. Ms. Mini
    Wow has it really been 2 months since I worked on this house? Poor thing.. this is what it looked like this morning when I went start on the house..

    poor thing had become a shelve instead of a dollhouse!

    So i dug right in and started staining the 2 walls that contect to the master bedroom and bathroom on the 2nd floor...

    after that I decided to finish wallpapering the downstairs staircase wall that has the diamond shape window

    after the glue was dry I then attached the wall to the house. I can seem to find my glue gun so I had to use wood glue, which I think in the end might work out better anyways. So I taped up the sides and started to work on the 2nd story walls...

    so ya thats my progress for today!! letting the glue dry overnight, then planning on getting right back to work in the morning :angry:
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