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  1. I still really am dreaming of a Joseph Angel!
  2. It is the Nob Hill from shelliesminis made by Majestic Mansions, but I can't find any other pics or info.
  3. Has anyone had the pleasure of seeing this one in person?
  4. Does anyone receive Victorian Homes magazine? I do and so look forward to each issue, especially the gorgeous pics of interiors with wonderful ideas and inspirations. Some of the wallpapering is incredible!
  5. I think that paper is gorgeous! Where did you find it?
  6. Does Robin Carey have her own website? I stumbled upon her work the other day too and was in awe-so beautiful!
  7. Thanks for that cafe unknown link-I had tried in vain for a couple days to get those to work when I was searching for pics, especially the Inman house. Such a shame. They didn't even take out the lighting fixtures! Imagine what else could have been salvaged! I contacted the realtor who last sold the Poulsen house and he has never heard of a Joseph Angel or knows of any similar house in Portland-what a mystery......
  8. Wow-thanks everyone for your input! I am leaning towards the Joseph Angel due to its rarity and exterior. It seems to have intrinsic value. I like how Liz LeBosse added the chimney to the outside on the bay. I have seen ones that are gorgeous or ugly depending on what was done to them. The Lawbre windows really make or break a dollhouse to me-whether it looks "real" or not. I can buy the Joseph Angel with the windows so that is a plus. I could always buy the Queen Anne at a later date, but adding the windows would cost a fortune. The different types of shingles on a house look neat to me with a lot of gingerbread. I want one really special large unique dollhouse along with the Beacon Hill and Willowcrest. I want to have a dining room, parlor, nursery library/study, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. I love the books I have with gilded age type interiors-awesome! I have looked for the real Joseph Angel -it's not exactly like the dollhouse. 3040 SE Mc Loughlin Blvd. Discovered that a twin was across the street and sadly was demolished to construct a bridge. Wonder what that looked like?
  9. Has anyone built these? I see some on eBay and was wondering if they're worth getting. Do they have nice detail and quality?
  10. Here's the backs and sides of the two......
  11. Thanks, guys! I have the opportunity to buy the Joseph Angel as a shell with all the Lawbre components included. If I got the RGT Queen Anne, I would buy just the box 1 and then have to purchase the Lawbre components separately (which would be more money than buying the Joseph Angel.) I don't like the windows and doors that come with it. I can only afford one, so I have to choose unfortunately. ;) By the way, these particular houses are not available, just used them to show potential of the shells.
  12. ;) I have not seen either of these in person so I am wondering which one to get. They seem to be comparable in size. I wish the Joseph Angel had the entry in the front as opposed to the side but maybe it could be changed. I also think the Angel looks more like a "real" house-do you? How about the floor plans? Help!
  13. I just saw a house sold one ebay and stumbled on their website-amazing! Does anyone have or know where any pics of some of their houses are? Would love to see more......
  14. I just posted to uship.com so we'll see how that goes. An online Fedex quote was $560.00+ ! Greyhound website says it doesn't drop off to residences so that's a problem.
  15. I am debating what would be cheaper-shipping or driving? I am in Maryland and the house is in Texas, so pretty far to drive. They mentioned maybe meeting in Memphis, and I have parents in Georgia who maybe could get it there easier. Just wondering if shipping would be cheaper but also worry about damage.
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