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  1. this forum is great! thank you for all your suggestions. I will use KILZ primer. I'm going to get my tools today...glue gun, scissors, exacto knife, more glue! Can't wait to get started this weekend! quote=MiniMadWoman,Dec 15 2005, 09:32 AM] Welcome, Bubbie! I would also punch, sand, dry fit and then prime all the pieces with a good quality primer. There are those though that prime the entire wood piece and then punch out their pieces. I think it's a matter of personal preference. I'm wondering . . . are shellac and primer meant to do the same thing? Basical
  2. I am new to the dollhouse world of building and I have a very, should I say "dumb" question! Do you punch the pieces out of the boards and then shellac them or do you shellac the entire board? help!!! bubbie
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