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  1. My first dollhouse was the cardboard boxes that I taped a center cardboard floor into and then cut windows, doors etc. into and turned into dollhouses for my mini trolls & small dolls I had as a girl in the 60's. I had great fun creating them as a kid! A girlfriend down the street had a wonderful wooden fully furnished dollhouse that had been her mothers and I loved looking at it. She never wanted to play with it much though to my dismay. I finally have my first real dollhouse kit that I am working on. A simple 1/2 scale Colonial style house from Real Good Toys. I look forward to Christmas vacation and having time to finish it and start working on my own simple handscrafted furniture to furnish it. My budget is limited and I love creating things anyways so should enjoy it.
  2. I think I will go ahead and try to carefully glue them on the roof first and then stain them after that like shown. They are all individual shingle pieces, so that seems like a quicker way to try for me. I am a painter also so hopefully can do a neat job of it. Thank you for all the suggestions!
  3. I am working on my first dollhouse. Is there an easy way to stain the shingles. I was wondering if putting them in a ziplock back with stain might be a good way to do it then laying them out on white paper to dry? Does this sound like a good idea or is there a better way?
  4. I just got a used copy of the book "Dollhouse Style" that give instructions on making different dollhouse furniture and accessories out of wood and other materials. I may give a couple of these projects a try and see how they turn out for me. Thank you for the links that I looked at too.
  5. I had come across this kit recently too. I am hesitant to order it though, as I am afraid that the quality will be pretty poor. Has anyone made it and what did you think. I have a 1/2 scale house as an adult and would like to furnish it nicely, but am on a very limited budget. So far the 1/2 scale furniture I have seen is either out of my price range or else looks like pretty poor quality. Any good places to find it out there?
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