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  1. HOLY MOLY Jennifer...that is quite a plan!!! We haven't been doing much around here...my dh had an awful case of Tendinitis in his hand...he had to have a steriod shot and wear a cast for 2 weeks...and now it's better than ever!!! We have a bunch of birthday parties and such lately, and then we are going through our house and updating it... I'm feeling the need to update...the last time we "decorated" our house was 5 years ago...so I'm looking forward to painting some rooms in the house... This summer we hope to re-do our kitchen cabinets, just paint them and re-do the counters.
  2. Bre it's coming out soo good!!! I love it!!!
  3. minifan

    DSC 0037

    Awesome tool holder!!!
  4. minifan

    DSC 0033

    Love the half wall here!!!
  5. minifan

    DSC 0026

    OH I love how you built the bed into the alcove!!!
  6. minifan


    Very pretty!!!
  7. I love the color...I think it looks great so far!!!
  8. minifan

    Sleeping Loft

    I like it!!! I really like the Fairy's outfit in this shot though...
  9. I'm fighting with the Fairfield, so it's at the top of the closet pouting at me...so I'm working on the half scale RGT Bungalow and hoping that my husband comes through with a great surprise on April 2nd!!!
  10. minifan

    so far..

    It was well worth it... THIS IS AMAZING!!!
  12. I LOVE IT!!! :kicking: :jumping:
  13. I LOVE it...do you have any trim you can put up around it, if it bothers you that much...I didn't notice it until I read your comment...
  14. minifan

    living room

    It looks beautiful!!! CONGRATS!!!
  15. minifan


    Agree...LOVE it all!!!
  16. Darice Timeless Minis sells country stars...in a little baggie you get like 10 different sizes... I know that they are sold at a store near the Sturbridge Show...I can get you a package of them, but it wouldn't be until June, when the show is... But if you want it, let me know...
  17. minifan

    We have Siding!

    Can I ask how wide your laps are/siding width? I have these siding strips...but I'm a little nervous on the lap width...
  18. Cute bathroom set!!! Where did you get that???
  19. O.K., this is going to add an amount of work, but what if you put the bay on the 2nd floor over the door...even still I like the double windows on the second floor like your blog... JMO... ^_^
  20. The house is looking great, but the real reason for my comment is THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I wanted this oval door for my 1/2 scale Bungalow, but I DO NOT like the pediment...I never thought of removing it!!! GREAT idea!!!
  21. minifan


    This is amazing...I love this shot!!!
  22. minifan


    I like how you utilized the plexis here in the double door...very nice...
  23. You have NO idea how much this image just saved my 1/2 scale Bungalow!!! I was sooo stumped on the porch roof assembly...this clears it all up!!! Anyways...it looks great so far...I love the colors!!!
  24. minifan

    Which front door?

    Sure thing...on mine I had to cut the door to make it fit ito the opening...but it worked...can't wait to see what you do with yours...
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