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  1. OH TRACY!!! Thank you for this tutorial!!! I've been trying to figure out how to do 4 inexpensive 1/2 scale fireplaces...and this is exactly what I'm going to do!!!
  2. So yesterday I started putting the first coat of paint onto the house. I listened to my husband this time, (instead of trusting my gut) and painted the house green...(well bad idea)... The green that I painted it, looked more like grass, baby peas or maybe even something that comes out of my infant's diaper...it looks AWFUL!!! I moved away from that and started priming the rest of the house pieces, I used plastering compound to fill in the holes on the porch roof where the kit porch posts should go also. After they were dry I assembled the rest of the first floor, the porch roof,
  3. Day 6 - So you could actually count this as day 6, 7 and 8...(because it took me three days to do everything I've done so far!!!) Friday we took a trip to the craft store and I got more paint, some flooring supplies, some Mod Podge and more scrapbook paper. When we got home I re-cut all the wall paper for each room, I finished this on Saturday morning. On Saturday I started finishing assembling the Corona Concepts furniture kits. I cheated and ended up using a hot glue gun on all the pieces of furniture that I had left to make,...I only have two small clamps and the Tacky G
  4. Day 5 - So after gluing it all together and making a trip to Michaels for some supplies, I primed the house. I used Gesso, (which I'd heard a lot about and all good things, so I decided to try it). I LOVE it, I will not go back to anything else now having used it. I thought it was a little pricey, but ended up getting a 50% off coupon on my reciept, so I'll go get the tub of it with that coupon. I primed the whole house, inside and out. I figured since it needed to be done, do it all. I will cover the floors and walls and ceilings with paper, etc., so priming everything sounded lik
  5. So I had an original blog about the Coventry, deleted it because I thought I was going to sell the kit, ended up keeping the kit, and am now putting it together and going back to blogging about it!!! So I bought my kit off of Ebay, and if I could recommend anything to anyone, I wouldn't suggest doing this. I think that you get a great deal, but what you are buying (most of the time) is seconds or something that might have been sitting in wet storage for a while...wet + wood = crap! My wood is crap...and I'm very angry about it, but I suppose I'll get over it!!! So back to the bu
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