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    For a special birthday ten years ago I asked my dad if he would build me a dollhouse. He and my mom had already constructed and decorated a beautiful Allison for my daughter, which defaulted to me since she never was into miniatures. This time, I wanted to have the shell ready for my own touches. Dad said he would try, but feared he might not have it in him any longer, and sadly his supposition proved true.

    My father got about 60% into The Bellingham Farmhouse before quietly covering the project with a tarp and not looking at it again. He passed away four years ago and the dollhouse had been in storage ever since, far from our house.

    I recently brought it home where it is now (November, '09) sitting on the living room rug pending the purchase of a work table for the family room. Then I will begin.

    This will be quite a project. I enjoy reading. writing, cooking, genealogy, dolls and of course miniatures. We also love our golden retriever and our four birds.

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  1. I have absolutely had it with my current digital camera and would like some suggestions for a replacement. The camera I have is a Canon Power Shot SD1000 Digital Elph purchased probably ten years ago. I have always found the thing too darned complicated for my purposes. I simply need a camera that can take good close-ups of the miniatures (I do a blog for a shop), flash if needed, and basic all around shots of the family, etc. It doesn't need to tweet or bark, (mine has this ability) edit, or dance a jig. It has to be simple. Further I would like to stay in the $100 range, but can go up if nee
  2. Thank you all! Nope, I didn't consider how huge a 1:12 model would be; I'll search for smaller. Appreciate each of your responses!
  3. Does anyone know of a source for 1:12 scale ships, of the type so many of our ancestors came over on at the turn of the 20th century? Thanks, Helaine
  4. Holly, that E6000 would probably work but doesn't sound too appetizing to me. Is there anything non-toxic you are aware of? Thanks!
  5. Hello, I just picked up Houseworks #8208 Latex Common Brick Sheet for covering the chimney. I was told to use silicone adhesive to attach it. So, first question, if you use this product, which brand do you recommend and secondly, are there alternatives? Instructions say to use an all purpose construction adhesive. Have several glues in the house already! Thanks!
  6. Hello friends, I'm installing Houseworks #5000 Traditional Working Windows into the house and am having a problem with some of the upper windows sliding down. is there a trick to keep them from doing this, or do I just glue them closed? Thanks!
  7. Hi, Would appreciate recommendations for applying a shine to wood floors, staircase, doors, etc. I am familiar with MiniWax but would rather use something non-toxic. The flooring I am applyng is Houseworks Red Oak Wood. Thoughts? Would it be awful not to apply a finish of some type? I do like the way the floors look. However, I still have the rest of the woodwork to consider. Thank you! Helaine
  8. Have been working on this beast(!) for a number of years but I am totally inexperienced and give it up for months at a time. You're experienced and should do fine. Now that mine is finally approaching the finish line I can tell you that this is one beautiful house.
  9. Thanks Holly and Perry. We have a wonderful miniatures shop in the area but her hours are limited so I wanted to be prepared before I went there. Holly, your details gave me a clear picture of what to expect, and Perry, your chimney was a handsome part of your beautiful dollhouse. Upward and onward!
  10. Hello, We just completed the chimney for the Bellingham Farmhouse and I plan to apply "brickwork" to it shortly. The kit comes with some powder and a decal set-up but I have seen advertised online some adhesive type bricks. I would like opinions of such products; how difficult (or easy) they are to apply and the final outcome. Also, if you have used and liked (or disliked) such a product I would appreciate the brand name. Thanks!
  11. Jerry, that's so nice of you to offer but fortunately my husband did figure it out and the chimney has actually been built (big cheer here). You actually built two Bellinghams, huh? Anyway, I now have some questions about finishing it, which I'll post in the general area. Thanks again, Helaine
  12. Sivin

    Sick kitty

    Wishing your little guy a speedy and complete recovery! Animals are so much a part of our lives and when they become ill, we hurt too. Hope to hear some good news from you soon!
  13. My husband was able to figure this out and now The Beast is really on its way! Thanks for your helpful words, Holly!
  14. Hello! My husband is helping to build the chimney for our Bellingham. We are complete novices in things dollhouse and this aspect is no different. We have the instruction booklet and looking at the illustration on page 14, we are unable to get a clear understanding of what goes where, especially when it comes to the chimney bottom and center. Does anyone have a photograph of the chimney going up, perhaps, or an understanding of the problem here? Your help is appreciated. Helaine
  15. Hollie, as usual you have gone above and beyond with your help. Thank you!
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