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  1. kitty_x_2


    Just adorable, inside & out! Christmas cottages are great anytime of year! Crystal
  2. Aww Luna reminds me of my Sunflower (except Sunny is a ragdoll with similar seal point coloring). Yep, know that mischievous look too! Crystal
  3. kitty_x_2

    My Little Stray

    OMG he is adorable. You are so wonderful to have saved him from the elements & taken him to the vet. Someone's going to have a little sweetheart in their home. Crystal
  4. Hehe love this photo. Beautiful kitchen & beautiful kitty! Crystal
  5. kitty_x_2

    Holly Ann

    Ooh I love how you've done the Holly Ann, my favorite of the House that Jack Built line. Great job! Crystal
  6. I LOVE this firehouse Ann, very creative use for the Spring Fling kit. So pretty in brick! I've been admiring your dollhouses for quite some time here in the gallery. What a fabulous cause you have for where you can use your miniature talents, these kids sure do deserve it. Crystal
  7. kitty_x_2


    Your Gingerbread Tiffani is FABULOUS! It looks delicious! Great idea too to have a gingerbread dollhouse to display each Christmas. Crystal
  8. Your Buttercup is darling! Love the toile wallpaper & your furnishings. Great job, the Buttercup has always been a favorite of mine too. Crystal
  9. kitty_x_2

    kitties on the prowl

    Fun with my ragdolls, Sunflower & Moonbeam
  10. kitty_x_2

    More Clocks

    OMG those are so adorable! I agree with Linda, a clock shop would be a wonderful dollhouse setting for them. Crystal
  11. For free?!!! Wow you must live in Dealville! Congrats, can't wait to see how you finish it. Crystal
  12. kitty_x_2


    I thought the Willow had windows on the sides that are like the Amityville house windows (the "eyes" of the house) but maybe I'm wrong. I don't actually own the Willow, will have to look again at pics in the galleries. I wouldn't want to live in the real one that's for sale, even though I've heard the story about how they made up all that stuff for the book. Hmm. Crystal
  13. kitty_x_2


  14. kitty_x_2


    Gorgeous cottage Angela, I love the fireplace inside too! Crystal
  15. Oh so cute, & I love their names! So 5 purrballs & a big pup? Gosh I'd love to have more kitties, I adore my pair. If my work commute wasn't so long (80 minutes each way) I'd get a doggie too. Thanks for sharing your pics. Crystal
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