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  1. I should have included a couple of photos in this so you can easily look at it.
  2. thank you. The dining set was won on Ebay.
  3. HI! It's been years since I've been here! So I finally finished the Coventry Cottage. You can see a few of the pics in my gallery but go here instead, it has a lot more. Coventry Cottage Oh and the little doll is Pinky Street collection. She's not 1" scale but still very adorable in the scenes.
  4. ouchouch

    Coventry Cottage

    with a small expansion for more photos go here http://miniatures.moonfruit.com/#/coventry-cottage/4538392315
  5. haha Jeffrey look http://cgi.ebay.com/Lundby-Doll-house-with...1QQcmdZViewItem I knew I should've waited.
  6. oh man. so I just bought one. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...N:IT&ih=001 I've been envious of my cousin who has a lundby. When we were kids we used to play with it. She didn't appreciate the dollhouse then and she doesn't now.
  7. Jeffrey, you made me realize something. What furniture would match more than the original god-awful 70's pattern furniture.
  8. okay I know you can't really "bash" a lundby. But I was wondering if anyone has ever tried at least re-wallpapering it and re-flooring it? I've always wanted one(and lundby houses comes up in ebay from time to time) but that god-awful 70's pattern just throws me off. And hi! It's been a long time. ;)
  9. It's from this site... http://usmagazine.com/hot_pics_gallery?o=22
  10. Really??! Is that why all the kitties seem to perch in them
  11. Thanks everyone for the advice and support. I stepped away for awhile and came back to it, checked very carefully and found that I had tape on electrical tape. The electrical tape was protecting bare naked wires from the chandelier and that wasn't a very smart thing to do on my part. I cut the excess wire down to where the brad tie up to it. It wasn't helping that there was one too many tapewires going every which way, which Darrell was right on. Everything works fine for now. I hope and cross my fingers. So back to working on the house, which just needs a coat of paint and to install a few of the windows, then I'm done. Actually, I'll be playing around with more window treatments before I try to sell it. I can't keep such a big house. I don't have room. :wub:
  12. AEILHTAIWERH!! I can't do any of that because the wallpaper, mouldings, baseboards and such are all in!!There is no tapewire visible to test anything...hence why I had to lift up the floor. Oh and wouldn't you know it, the lights that DON"t work in the house are the most expensive chandeliers in the whole house?? Thank you everyone for our concerns. I just need to step away again. Before I make a decision to chuck it.
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