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  1. wow! even without paint it looks like the real stuff, great work!
  2. LOL Bluebear, I know what you mean.. I made them after mine :)
  3. Gee

    dead roses

    No, but I will keep your suggestion in mind :)
  4. Gee

    dollhouse and mini

    here you can take a look at my dollshouse and some minis i have made
  5. started on making dead/nearly dead flowers. quite some work and not nearly finished. pic in my album.
  6. Gee

    Persian Table Carpet

    no words to comment, it is just gorgeous. and even using that word is belitteling. I applaud you. All you effort was definitely worth it!
  7. Gee

    Gees Place

    i am going to put pictures in here for you to see how my MDF building turns into a dollhouse. will be starting somewhere next month and hope you will like it as much i know i will...
  8. I gave myself permission to go on Pinterest and promised to myself I would not get addicted to it. that was months ago. since then I have broken my promise and have been on Pinterest on a daily base, for more hours than I would like to admit. I love it! So many minis, so many mini tuts, so many inspiring ideas for all my other interests/hobbies.. I have collected a lot of pins, but frankly don't have the time to read them all. But that is okay, I'll do that the next time I have the flue or something like that. I never get mails from pinterest, but maybe you can choose for that in your pre
  9. tonight we've got the worst storm since people kept records of the weather, 19....something, 1902 I believe. some airplanes did not land or leave, trains in certain parts of the country did not depart, highways were closed, trees fying around the place. glad it is over now, at least where I live.
  10. we've had a heatwave over here last week. Today was colder, so we got to normal temperatures again. For tonight we're going to have frost on the ground. In july. Don't know what will happen next.
  11. Gee

    20081230 MD001103 kopie

    I bought the bottles and the skull, but altered the skull. The rest of the items I made myself. Thank you for your nice comment!
  12. Gee

    20081230 MD001106 kopie

    Thank you Kathie! Yes, it is going to be in a yet to build room in my dollhouse. I hope you'll have a look once that room is finished
  13. Gee

    20081230 MD001106 kopie

    This is going to be part of a yet to build room in my house Thank you for your nice comment!
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