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  1. wow! even without paint it looks like the real stuff, great work!
  2. can't help you but I love the house
  3. I think this is a very good idea and it looks really good!
  4. My house moved into the living room as soon as it entered the front door and never moved from there. It's a big house; I've put it on a TVtable on wheels so it can easily be rotated if needed. Plus I don't have a husband who can complain about it I must admit, after a year along came a big wooden table and of course a chair, and my printer, and small roomboxes for whenever I want to do a small project, and crates with 'stuff'' so I have materials on hand. Concluding: it brought an awfull mess, not at all living-room-y, but uhmmm I can work on my house when I f
  5. Peter Pan and, still, Snowwhite and Jungle Book.
  6. I think they are beautiful too. Well done!
  7. hey Mike, So sorry to read about your illness. I hope in despite of that you will keep your sense of humor. Hang in there! Hope you will defeat this monster. You are in my thoughts, hoping you will feel a lot better soon.
  8. I honoustly think I would not have a problem with that. so many things to keep me busy. sometimes it bothers me that I really should do a post on my blog, 'cos I have so many other things to do and I think it is such a waste of time to spend it on the pc.
  9. my hot packs. there's always an ache somewhere.
  10. I've had some air plants years ago. Sometimes I forgot them for weeks, then when I thought of it I sprayed them and lo and behold...it all came back to life. It is the coolest invention ever for people who happen to lack green thumbs
  11. how I keep my real house clean and clutterfree? well, let's see.... I don't :s
  12. LOL Bluebear, I know what you mean.. I made them after mine :)
  13. Gee

    dead roses

    No, but I will keep your suggestion in mind :)
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