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  1. Hi there, Debra! I guess the story is all about San Francisco. I used Charles Wysocki puzzles of California and San Francisco on the walls, stocked it with furniture-shaped music boxes from the San Francisco Music Box Company (but some of them got smashed in storage) and I collected vintage matchbooks from San Franciscan establishments to decorate with. I used the canceled stamps from San Francisco, too. I just wanted a cabinet to store my San Franciscan collectables. Thanks for looking!
  2. This is great! I would have never known the bubble was a two-liter bottle. Very Clever!!
  3. Thanks! I guess I'm a free-styler!
  4. ToyPianista

    San Franciscan - DuraCraft

    This house is a memory box of our trip to San Francisco.
  5. ToyPianista

    04 10 14

    It looks Fantastic!
  6. Duracraft Manchester decorated with Liberty Blue China and porcelain figures from occupied Japan, revolutionary war currency, meyercord decals.
  7. Thank you, Selkie! I have 17 completed, almost 18 houses now. I will try my best to document them here. I have missed this forum so much! So glad you're still here, too!
  8. ToyPianista

    Tower Side

    Oh, Holly! So sweet! I am 48. She was a big presence for me growing up!
  9. ToyPianista


    Thank you! If I could only live by Holly Hobbie's sweet phrases and sayings . . . I try to!
  10. I built the DuraCraft Victorian Mansion and decorated it in the Holly Hobbie theme to hold a substantial Holly Hobbie collection of dolls, figurines and die-cast furniture. I will try to post more inside pics. Thanks for your comment!
  11. Duracraft Victorian Mansion with storage cabinet
  12. ToyPianista

    A Russian Dacha

    St. Basil's Home for wayward matryoshkas Dura-Craft HR 560 Heritage
  13. ToyPianista

    Frosted DoorWEB

    Fantastic! Looking forward to any tutorials . . .
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