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  1. tuffy

    barn 003.jpg

    Wow...that looks like a 1980's Breyer Horse barn!!! I had one when I was little! http://www.popscreen.com/p/MTYwMDkyODI5/Breyer5StallHorseBarnStablewCorralandGateforTraditional
  2. tuffy


    Wow, did you paint that?
  3. tuffy

    moon glow

    what did you use to create your windows? I really like the looks of your windows...
  4. Do you make these? If so, what type of tools are you using to create these?
  5. tuffy

    main door inside

    Is the panel real stained glass windows or painted?
  6. I love the interior - awesome job!
  7. tuffy

    Before the roof

    Wow - that looks good. Nice job!
  8. tuffy

    Right side

    Do you have any pictures of the insides? I would love to seem them!
  9. tuffy

    Right side

    I really love how you did your Westville!!! I've been looking up how others did the Westville and yours by far is the most unique that I have seen. Absolutely beautiful!!!
  10. LOL - That's too cute!!
  11. Ha ha - I've seen that look before. Mine gives me that when he's done something and I haven't found out what it was he was into...yet. That so innocent look...yet so guilty.
  12. Cuppa-Tea DHGranny Jeffrey - Rutherford Ad Brezavaqt These are just a few. You can do a search of the forum. There are plenty more!! Enjoy your search!
  13. tuffy

    opposite side

    That's looking realy nice. I love the fireplace.
  14. tuffy

    front porch

    Great work!! I love the railings.
  15. tuffy


    Excellant job on the floor!! It's beautiful!!
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