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  1. Indeed - I wish they kept producing it. It's definitely a nice kit.
  2. Due to changes at work, I decided to go on hiatus with the hobby and find new homes for my dollhouse kits. The following are what I can recall at the top of my head that I have. I'll update this list once I make a trip to my storage unit and assess what I have. I provided links so you have an idea of what they look like. All are 1/12 scale and are being sold as kits unless otherwise noted. Prices are negotiable - please PM me if you're interested (and please include a zip code so I can calculate the shipping.Or do a flat rate and refund the difference if it turned out to less than the flat rate). Thanks everyone in advance! Dollhouse Emporium Sun Lounge Kit for Malibu Beach House - MDF (sunroof part) Size when assembled: approx 17"W x 15"D x 9"H RGT Tamarack Dollhouse Kit - Plywood (link goes to my blog chronicling my building this house - selling another kit) Size when assembled: 32"W x 16"Dx 21"H *I might have two of these kits available - will verify this week once I check my storage unit. Larimer Dollhouse Kit - Plywood (2 room, doors and windows included) Size when assembled: 15 1/4"W x 14"D x 21"T Asahi Tea Dollhouse Kit + Components - Laser Cut Size when assembled: 12 1/2"Wx 10"D x 11 1/2" H Also includes: skylight roof part, greenhouse kit, standing seam roof (probably have other things - all are still in the shipping box it came from) Downhill Ski Shop + Components - Laser Cut Size when assembled (for main house): 10½"W x 14½" D x 20" H Also includes: Addition 1 (right side), Addition 1 (left side), Dormer Kit Primrose Dollhouse Kit - Wood (2 Kits) Size when assembled: 13” W x 12” D x 16” H Have 2 kits available RGT Front Opening Country Tudor Kit - Plywood (guess RGT no longer sells this) Size when assembled: 14"W x 12-1/2"D x 29"H -5 rooms
  3. Syphon79

    The Neville House

    This "dollhouse" was actually a home decor accessory that was sold by CB2 (a division of Crate & Barrel) back in 2011-2012. Found one on eBay and did some updates to it.
  4. <-- yes I am actually dancing like this after seeing the message above. Congrats -- am so happy the Bayberry got to you safely. Woot woot!
  5. Syphon79


    Not sure -- actually the male doll looks like Michael McDonald from the 1980s (I'll have to add a pic later). Am guessing they're playing covers of his greatest hits like "I keep forgetting". Though I'm hoping they're doing a cover of "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence". That's a nice piano/guitar arrangement....
  6. Syphon79


    LOLz - it does look that way doesn't it? Probably explains why they booted me out when they got back.
  7. <3 Love! (though I might be bias in that I have a fondness for pet mice and rats) So adorable!
  8. Awesome! I have this dollhouse too from 3StarStudios -- this was extremely fun to work with!
  9. Syphon79


    You have the Erzaztz Girl? Oh my goodness, we both got it at the same 3D shop I think! I have been eyeing that same doll as well? Was the assembly difficult? I had to wear a mask when I was assembling mine (didn't realize how much dust I had to remove in between the parts)!
  10. Syphon79

    Vineyard Roombox

    I wanted to build a roombox that evoke what I love the most during my visits at Martha's Vineyard. Sadly, my husband and I will no longer be able to visit as my grandmother-in-law (a longtime resident of the Vineyard) passed away. So this is my one (of many) tributes to my beloved grandmother-in-law, or "Grandma" as she loved to be called.
  11. Syphon79

    ARC Dollhouse

    This is actually a 1:16 scale dollhouse I purchased from 3StarStudios in Etsy. This is actually the third one I've purchased, and the second version completed.
  12. Hi Freddie, I sent a PM to you. I actually have the Bayberry, but am in the process of downsizing/moving my collections into storage (apparently I hit the space limit in my house).
  13. Thanks Maureen -- my husband initially disagreed with my response. He felt I had every right to spend what I earn on the hobby (much like my cousin's former friend). Guess what irked me with the friend's statement was the assumption of whatever money I had, simply went to the minis. Goodness, folks seem to forget we have other obligations in life too! Think that's what infuriates me when people make comments about our hobby. As if they think we forget about everything else.
  14. I remember one of my guy cousins who had a friend who was into building customized cars (and often financially strapped because he overstepped his resources). When I invited said cousin, his wife, and friend over for dinner, the friend made the smart-alecky comment about my dollhouses as "man, why would you spend this money on this girly crap!" Yes, he did use the word crap. Before my cousin could say anything (and before my husband could throttle him - if anything, he actively encourages my hobby), I just smiled and said "I only buy this 'crap' when I get my bonuses. Which has been quite often now, thanks to my bosses liking my work immensely." That shut the friend up quite quickly. Luckily, my cousin decided to cut ties with him a few years afterward.
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