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  1. Wow! Both are great! I love the animal print one.
  2. JAT

    100 3650

    Wow...the door is beautiful and looks like real glass.
  3. The tiles look great! What do you use for the grout?
  4. JAT


    I never cared much for the Beacon Hill, but yours is fantastic! I like the changes you did, plus the bricks.
  5. JAT


    Very pretty room. Love the furniture and your floor looks great!
  6. JAT

    Bayberry Cottage

    Yeah...I found your photos on here. I only had seen them previously on Flickr. I love your house and the modern "real" look.
  7. JAT

    Finished Basement 1

    That's a lot of bricks. Looks great!
  8. Amazing wood work. The floor is beautiful!
  9. Wow! I'm so happy to have come across your photos on here. Love your mini work.
  10. Wow! It looks so real. Excellent!!
  11. Your house is looking good...love the colors. The SF555 is one of my favorites; wish I had the kit.
  12. JAT

    Heritage test run.JPG

    Thanks for posting your Heritage photos. I have this kit (waiting to be built)...lol.
  13. Are you only interested in RGT? Deb, at Debsminis, did The Magnolia with a modern look on the outside as well as the inside. I love what she did with it. Check out this website: http://www.debsminis.com/geekchic.htm
  14. Your house looks great! Love the colors and your details.
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