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  1. ejewies

    crochet mini's

    In this album you can find a variety of table-cloths, bedspreads, carpets or backpieces for a couch or chair. They are crochet with either sewing-yarn or delicate cotton-yarn, and a 0,5 mm crochet needle. That's the smallest needle we have in the Netherlands. Enjoy.
  2. ejewies


    Well Selkie, I use sewing yarn and an 0,4 mm croching needle. The dimensions are about 13 cm x 7 cm. I sold it, so I am not sure of its dimensions anymore.
  3. ejewies

    apeldoorn 2 005

    Thank you all for the comments a got for my beds.
  4. ejewies

    apeldoorn 1 085

    I use glue, but you need to be carefull not showing that. I use a toothpick to apply the glue.
  5. ejewies

    apeldoorn 1 070

    Don't say that, because you can achieve anything you can put your hart too. Don't give up and learn from your "mistakes", and that wil lift you to a higher level. You may have a gift others don't have. Be proud of what you can create.
  6. ejewies

    my dressed beds

    This gallery contains my dressed beds...although I still need to learn a lot. A few beds are shown in my sisters gallery, at...little Mo's miniatures... But some of those beds have changed a little bit... I hope you enjoy this gallery.
  7. ejewies

    crochet bedspreads

    It has been a while since I posted something. And it was time to enter an album with only crochet bedspreads. Enjoy, Ester.
  8. ejewies

    SAM 2226 Web page

    Love it...your dolls are amazing.
  9. ejewies

    mini creations

    In this album you will find other minis that I create.
  10. ejewies


    There are even rats that are pinned to a sandwich with a nife...haha.
  11. This is just an awesome house...I love it. It gives me inspiration to proceed on my witchboudoir.
  12. This was the first time we visited such a large show. Me and my sister had a great time. The downside...we spended way to much money...haha...
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