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  1. I have used that spray too - works well, but pretty stinky - and you can't use it on something that's already installed in a room. I have also used a spray polyacrylic by minwax that isn't supposed to yellow. They have a brush on version as well. I think the polyacrylic is a lot less stinky and cleans up with soap and water.
  2. My hubby bought it for me off e-bay and he said the description just says rotary tool vice - I don't think it's Dremel brand.
  3. Tigpuppy


    I used strips of iron on wood laminate, ironed on to a cardstock template, then stained and sealed it.
  4. Tigpuppy


    Wallpaper has its place but in this house it’s supposed to be a an old house that has been modernized and updated. Which means all the wallpaper was removed.
  5. I ended up watching it on YouTube. Did you try watching it there?
  6. I watched the show last week and have to say I was NOT impressed! But then again, most reality TV shows annoy me because they replay the same over-dramatized conversations over and over. If you cut all of that out, you really only have maybe 15 minutes of actual content. I would have preferred that they cut out most of the interviews/conversations with the contestants and instead focus more on showing their actual work. I think you folks on here would do a better job at being a judge of this show in my opinion! Even though I didn't like it initially, I'm still planning to watc
  7. Tigpuppy


    I filled the coal bucket I made with roses made from a kit from Moonflower Miniatures on Etsy. I can almost smell them!
  8. Tigpuppy


    My hubby gave me this Chrysnbon hall chair kit for our anniversary last year. I wish I had this piece in real life size!
  9. Tigpuppy


    Is it technically called painting if you apply the paint with the tip of a toothpick instead of a brush? This is a Chrysnbon bathroom set that I painted.
  10. Tigpuppy

    Minis I've Made

    These are pictures of miniatures that I've made. A little of this and a little of that. Some from scratch, some from kits.
  11. Tigpuppy


    Even the imaginary mini people in my dollhouse know that the correct way to hang toilet paper is with the paper coming off the back!
  12. Tigpuppy


    Work continues on the Pierce bathroom. I have the floor finished now (not glued down yet). After seeing the shower in place I've decided it's too big and the space around the toilet is too cramped, so I'll be rebuilding it to make it smaller. I also have not glued the wallpaper down yet either - which is a good thing because I have now decided that I don't like the design that I choose. It's too shiny and it annoys me how different it looks in different light.
  13. Tigpuppy

    Tig's Pierce Progress

    I've dug my old Pierce kit out of storage after nearly 20 years of sitting half finished. This is the story (in pictures) of me finishing it!
  14. Tigpuppy

    Rocking Chair.jpg

    I made it from scratch using measurements from a real life chair that I have in my home.
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