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  1. Tigpuppy

    Study complete

    I have looked thru your pictures dozens of times and I just now noticed your model ship! I love it!!!!
  2. Such a bright and cheery room!
  3. Tigpuppy


    It's a blank canvas to start creating within!
  4. I can't believe this is all half scale! It looks amazing!
  5. Tigpuppy


    I would have never believed this! You do such amazingly awesome work!
  6. Tigpuppy


    I used some sort of foil tape that the heating guy left here after we had a new furnace installed a number of years ago. I think he used it for taping the seams on the duct work.
  7. Tigpuppy


    Yes I made the mattress as well. I think the material was an old bed skirt my daughter found at a second hand store. And I sure don't mind if you copy - I'd love to see pictures of what you do!
  8. When I did the wallpapering in my Pierce bedroom I made templates out of paper (including the bump out areas, which I then transferred onto cardstock. I applied the wallpaper (scrapbook paper in my case) to the cardstock with spray adhesive, and then I glued the cardstock with wallpaper onto the walls with regular wallpaper paste. It took a lot of trial and error to get those paper templates to fit exactly. The trim was a whole other issue. I kept forgetting which side I had decided was up and cut SO MANY pieces of trim wrong. After lots of swearing (and maybe some drinking) I finally got all the pieces cut correctly and glued together. I then touched up the corners with latex wood filler and painted the whole thing in one piece before gluing in. It's definitely finicky work, but now that I look at it I think it was worth all the headaches.
  9. Tigpuppy


    I've started working on a built in vanity with shelves for my bathroom. I started with a rough pencil sketch but really I'm just making this up as I go along. We will see if this thing turns out anything like what I am envisioning in my head. Sometimes I surprise myself!
  10. Tigpuppy


    I have redone the shower to make it smaller and the toilet fits much better now. I had to redo the floor as well because I only tiled it up to the edge of the bigger shower. I also took down the shiny striped paper that I had on the walls before and replaced it with a light gray color. I still am not sure about the color - it's a little too tannish-gray I think. It doesn't quite go with the floor in my opinion. I haven't glued it in place yet - so I'll have to check around to see what else I can find for gray. Where are the 50 shades of gray when I need them????
  11. Tigpuppy

    Tig's Pierce Progress

    I've dug my old Pierce kit out of storage after nearly 20 years of sitting half finished. This is the story (in pictures) of me finishing it!
  12. Tigpuppy


    I made this little twin sized bed following a tutorial on 1 Inch Minis By Kris. I am now attempting to make another in full size. Hopefully a little less crooked than this one is.
  13. Tigpuppy

    Minis I've Made

    These are pictures of miniatures that I've made. A little of this and a little of that. Some from scratch, some from kits.
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