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  1. Tigpuppy


    @Emerald Thank you! And no, I haven't found them yet.
  2. Tigpuppy


    @rbytsdy Thanks! You can't believe how much moulding I wasted though because I kept cutting it upside down! So frustrating!
  3. I think it would be great to have a sort of blueprint of the floor layout of each dollhouse with measurements. That way if we are looking to buy a kit/house we'll know if certain pieces of furniture would fit in the rooms as designed or if we'd have to do some kit bashing to make things fit.
  4. Tigpuppy


    I don't know if I'll be leaving the bedding that came with this bedroom set. I might rip it off and remake it at some point.
  5. Tigpuppy


    I just noticed that I'm missing 2 handles from my armoire! I wonder where they went???
  6. Tigpuppy


    That window seat definitely needs some sort of cushion and some throw pillows!
  7. Tigpuppy


    I still need to figure out what sort of lighting to put in this room yet too.
  8. Tigpuppy


    The floors are done (but not yet attached) in the master bedroom so I decided to have a play day. Of course after I took photos I noticed all the stuff that is still missing in this room. Trim around the floor, throw pillows, window dressings, wall art.... I guess a house is never truly done.
  9. Tigpuppy


    Trying to decide what size floor tiles I want in the bathroom. This is a drawing of large tiles.
  10. Tigpuppy


    Trying to decide what size floor tiles I want in the bathroom. This is a drawing of small tiles.
  11. Tigpuppy

    Tig's Pierce Progress

    I've dug my old Pierce kit out of storage after nearly 20 years of sitting half finished. This is the story (in pictures) of me finishing it!
  12. Tigpuppy


    Non-working lamp made from parts from the inside of the spout of a bottle of Tide laundry detergent painted with nail polish and a bead cap on top to make it 'fancy'.
  13. Tigpuppy


    Dutch oven made from the cap of an eye dropper, staples painted with nail polish for handles and the lid made from a pin head stuck in the pull tab from a carton of cream, then painted with nail polish.
  14. Tigpuppy

    Minis I've Made

    These are pictures of miniatures that I've made. A little of this and a little of that. Some from scratch, some from kits.
  15. Tigpuppy


    The bowl is a push cap I think. I found it in the drawers of nuts and bolts and stuff at my local hardware store. It had some sort of metal piece inside that I had to cut out. The grater is made from a plastic tab that you pull off the single serve ice cream containers you get at a gas station, with bits of coffee stir sticks for the handle.
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