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  1. Tigpuppy


    My dishwasher leaked in my kitchen which is above my workroom. My dollhouse got soaked and the stairs got the worst of it. I had to cut off about 1 inch off the bottom and will try to save the rest for a later build. I decided to build my own steps from scratch and have them come up in a slightly different spot. I was thinking mat board too - or possibly just thin strips of wood in a rectangle shape (with the center indented).
  2. Tigpuppy


    I wouldn't mind having this view out my front door in real life!
  3. Tigpuppy


    I like how these doors turned out. They are just setting there for now. I'll be putting hinge pins on them eventually.
  4. Tigpuppy


    That block of wood on the bottom of the door definitely was a bad idea. Live and learn I guess!
  5. Tigpuppy


    But from this angle the piece added to the door looks horrible! I'm definitely going to be ripping that off tomorrow if I get time!
  6. Tigpuppy


    From this angle the piece of wood I added to the bottom of the door looks ok to me.
  7. Tigpuppy

    Tig's Pierce Progress

    I've dug my old Pierce kit out of storage after nearly 20 years of sitting half finished. This is the story (in pictures) of me finishing it!
  8. Great idea using smaller scale minis for toys!
  9. I found mine online by googling: http://www.corona-concepts.com/instructions/laurel.PDF
  10. Tigpuppy

    Rocking Chair.jpg

    Folding rocking chair. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNyMZJ5L_fk
  11. Tigpuppy

    Minis I've Made

    These are pictures of miniatures that I've made. A little of this and a little of that. Some from scratch, some from kits.
  12. This is only the 2nd time I've upholstered something, so I think I just need more practice. I was trying to only glue on the back but it kept sliding and the pattern was off center then - which is why I used the fabric glue on the front. I will check out Kris' tutorial to see if there's a better way to keep it from sliding. Or maybe it's just a matter of practice makes perfect?
  13. Tigpuppy


    Love what you are doing with the Pierce!
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