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  1. ;) Thanks, me too. My DH cannot keep gift secrets and told me he planned to get me one so it is looking good!
  2. Rose's Doll House was it!!!! Oooh, and I really like Doll House Emporium's site too. I am giddy! THANK YOU!!
  3. Thanks all. Unfortunately, I do not remember any dollhouses in the catalog, just the little room scenes. I don’t think it would have had plastic stuff, though. The one stuck in my memory is a living room scene, floral couch, with a little girl doll (I think the kind that is poseable with the nylon-like material for skin). There was a little blurb to the side like “Holly is excited that her favorite aunt is coming for a visit. She is helping her mom by cleaning up in the living room”. Totally butchered, but hopefully that gives you some idea. The furniture styles were mostly current so at that time it was a 90’s palette. I remember always liking the selection of houseplants and pets. I guess it wasn’t so much a catalog has a glossy magazine-like format. I did find the dollhouse on eBay at what I thought was a reasonable price, especially sealed and unopened. I am hinting heavily to my family that it would make a great Christmas gift .
  4. Thank you all again and thank you for the welcome - this was my first post. I just came across this forum yesterday and am already hooked. I already want several of the GL houses, too, but I am trying to pace myself. We'll see how that goes. So, one more question. I also want to track down the name and possibly current info for a dollhouse catalog I would get as a child. It had little room scenes and stories with the items listed to the side. It was very inspiring and now I am all nostalgic. Where should I post for help on finding that? I am having a great time looking around on these forums. The talent is jaw-dropping.
  5. You all are AMAZING!! It is the Bellingham! And that list with photos is EXACTLY what I was hoping to find. Thank you, thank you! Now, I "need" to find one. Is eBay my best bet? THANKS!
  6. First, a little background, please feel free to skip ahead. :-) About 10 years ago, I found a kit on sale at Benjamin Franklin and brought it home to work on over the summer. I assembled portions of the kit, but left for college in the fall and never really had time to get back to it. My mom and I left it at a great uncle’s house who was a woodworker and agreed to finish it for me. However, he passed away soon after. Over the years, I would ask my mom about it and she would promise to ask after it but always forgot. It continued to slip our minds for years and I wasn’t in too big a hurry since I had no room for it anyway. Now we have built our home and moved in with plenty of crafting room but it turns out the dollhouse was a victim of Hurricane Ike last winter (even though we live in Indiana we had a lot of damage). Now, I can’t stop thinking about it and am trying to track down the kit, though I do not even know the brand. From reading here, I suspect it may have been a dura craft. The only things I really remember were the parts I worked on so there isn’t much. I do remember clapboard siding, brick foundation (the kind with a sort of stencil and paste), an exposed chimney with the same brick and tons of trim that had to be cut. The trim is one reason I did not finish it on my own as I could not figure out how to cut some of it. The trim included gutters and downspouts, stairs/railings/banisters, casings and fireplace mantle. There was at least one fireplace, maybe two. The house was at least two stories, fairly large, I think a rectangular farmhouse style. Working double-hung windows, silk-screened, I think. Sorry for the long post. I know this is a shot in the dark and I appreciate any info, ideas, etc. Thank you!
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