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    Finished the Duracraft Newberg! Yay!
    Looking for the Skilcraft 6830 Victorian Manor with Coach House; Duracraft Heritage and the Duracraft Cambridge; Greenleaf Beacon Hill
    Seeking miniature group in Snohomish or King County in Washington state

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  1. Thank you, everyone, for the pointers on priming and interior paints. This will be my second build - now that I know the time it takes to build a house, I want to cool my jets, so to speak, and plan this time around. It wasn't fun to paint the Newberg after the fact and tape around all of that trim! I'm so thankful for this forum and the help everyone so willingly provides. Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, Hope all enjoyed their holiday and having some time to work on minis! I'm working on a Duracraft Heritage. The directions recommend using a good oil based paint on the siding. Which led me to ponder as most paints in my garage are not oil based... Do they recommend oil based paint because other paints would cause swelling, like water based glue may be noted to do? I'm interested in the general consensus of the subject matter experts in this forum. To oil base paint or not? Doth it matter? Or are there no issues painting with acrylic, craft or other types of paint? I ask because I have many Sherwin Williams cans of left over paint and they are not oil based. Thank you and Happy New Year! Christie
  3. Bob, I just saw your post today - if you are still looking for HR-2,3, 4, I would be happy to trace those for you and mail them to you. Happy Holidays! Christie
  4. Good morning! I'm visiting my parents in Nevada. Anyone know of any mini sources or stores to visit in Las Vegas or surrounding areas? Google search hasn't been successful. Thank you, Christie
  5. Thank you, Brae and Kelly. I appreciate your time and suggestions - I will check your blog and Manchester Woodworks. This will be a fun puzzle to sort out! Christie
  6. Good morning, fellow miniaturists. I purchased a Duracraft Heritage off of eBay and sadly, it was missing the siding and the first main and base floor support pieces (and lots of other stuff, but I can purchase bricks and those types of things elsewhere). I'm in Arlington, WA (north of Seattle) and wondering if anyone has a Duracraft Heritage kit that has these pieces - I'd like to trace the missing pieces and cut out of wood or buy your kit if it has all the pieces if you are in Washington State/greater Seattle area. Sheet No. HR-1 (3) Base Floor Supports Sheet No. HR-2 Pieces N & M Base Floor Pieces Sheet No. HR-3 Base Floor Back and Base Floor Surplice Not being an expert at building or math, I'm not very familiar with trying to figure out the size of these pieces based on what I do have so any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you for looking and Happy Holidays! Christie
  7. Thank you to everyone for sharing your excellent ideas and Brae for the link to your tutorial and pictures. I definitely have a better game plan now on how to address curtain rods! I'm so glad this forum is available and you are all so helpful sharing your time and ideas! Christie (Phoenix71)
  8. Good morning, everyone! I'm finding curtain rods to be quite challenging - I purchase some brass and silver jewelry heavy gauge wire with the tool to straighten the wire, but finding the challenge in what to use for brackets. I have many windows in the house and to purchase the pre-made sets is quite spendy. Anyone have a resource or ideas they are willing to share for the brackets and how to attach so the rod is far enough away from the wall so the curtains can slide? I can do most other things for the house - just drawing a blank in the hardware arena. Thank you so much for whatever assistance you can provide.
  9. Hi everyone. I'm still looking for the Skilcraft Victorian Manor with Coach House, circa 1979. My parents originally purchased this dollhouse for me at Sears in Oregon, but I haven't been able to find any in kit on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, vintage and antique stores; I just missed one sold off Craigslist in Long Island in last November. Anyhow...I am happy to pay for the kit and shipping or if you see it in your treasure travels, please PM me. I'm in Seattle, WA. I purchased the Corona Willow from Overstock, brand new in box, not opened - because it's so similar - but interested in trading for the Skilcraft. Here is a picture link or see attached file with some related facts: http://www.worthpoin...manor-429438549 (You do not need to be a member to view this website). Thank you for reading and happy dollhousing! Attached Thumbnails http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/uploads/monthly_01_2014/post-47513-0-24479200-1390672262.jpg
  10. Phoenix71

    Master Bedroom

    Zoemurr, Thank you! It is my favorite! I got it at Michael's in the loose leaf scrap booking section 12 x 12 inch. If you can't find any, let me know and I can send you some. I brushed clear mucilage on the back with a foam brush and it worked wonderfully!
  11. Elfprincess, I was able to buy some pieces for my Heritage from eBay that was incomplete. Many thanks for your reply!
  12. Thank you, Brae! I was wondering where in the heck I would find all those posts without shelling out for another kit...oh well, win some, lose some. It has to be interesting, right?!
  13. Correction, 2014...not sure how to edit the tag line! Help, O Moderator! Thank you!
  14. Fellow Washingtonian Miniaturists and beyond, If interested, Search for the 2014 Seattle Miniature Show in Tacoma, WA. I tried to copy the link but I can't get it to work on my iPhone. Hope to see you there!
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