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    Finished the Duracraft Newberg! Yay!
    Looking for the Skilcraft 6830 Victorian Manor with Coach House; Duracraft Heritage and the Duracraft Cambridge; Greenleaf Beacon Hill
    Seeking miniature group in Snohomish or King County in Washington state

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  1. Phoenix71

    Master Bedroom

    Zoemurr, Thank you! It is my favorite! I got it at Michael's in the loose leaf scrap booking section 12 x 12 inch. If you can't find any, let me know and I can send you some. I brushed clear mucilage on the back with a foam brush and it worked wonderfully!
  2. Beautiful, love the use of the eyelets and clear beads for the top!
  3. Amylynn920, your stove looks beautiful! I have the same one waiting for me to build, what glue did you use? Thank you!
  4. Phoenix71

    GC 100

    The trimming is very pretty; can't wait to see it painted!
  5. Phoenix71

    GC 54

    Pretty wallpaper; it complements the unique windows!
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