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  1. Great rescue from your basement.... Its a lovely little house... I love your colors!! :thumb: Greetings.. MO
  2. WOW...... these two houses are gorgeous!!! I find nothing .... ever ... alike in the Netherlands..... I'm a little bit green-eyed... Ha Ha Greetings.. MO
  3. Hi Debbie, I can't wait too.... ha ha! ;) I have a greenleaf "Rosedale" (still in the box)... I'm thinking to turn that one in a flowershop. But I can't start yet... I have to finish some other things first... ha ha! Greetings .. MO
  4. These are some of my home-made Mini's
  5. What a great project..... I love the gateway!!! :wub: Greetings.. MO
  6. Wow... what a beautiful project! :wub: I'm with Tessie..... its very beautiful... but if you can't breathe.... you have to get out!! Greetings.. MO
  7. Your color combination is lovely..... Beautiful bed!! :thumb: Greetings..MO
  8. WOW... what a beautiful scene... well done!! :wub:
  9. Hi hi ... he is funny!!! Greetings.. MO
  10. little mo's miniatures


    There's nothing boring in this hallway..... beautiful!! Greetings .. MO
  11. Hi Jennifer, We call it Oasis.... its that green stuff where a florist sticks his flowers in. Greetings... Mo
  12. little mo's miniatures

    Small Projects

    In this album I'll show you some of mine small projects.
  13. I love looking at this house at this angle..... its a Gorgeous house with beautiful colors.... well done!! Greetings...Mo
  14. I love your color choice..... its a great big house! Have fun with it!! Greetings.. MO
  15. This house is GREAT .... I love your furniture! :wub: Greetings... Mo
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