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  1. I guess I cheated on my SAN FRAN because I found it pre built (exterior) behind a Goodwill Dumpster. I did have to figure out windows and stairs.
  2. genieDOLL


    Love it! Did you make all the 1/2 scale furnishings? Every room is fantastic.
  3. genieDOLL


    Beautiful work, I really like the modernity of gray tone.
  4. My mother's doll house c. 1985- tweaked by me 2009 with enhanced decor. In 2006 it moved to the Jersey Shore town of West Cape May. It lives in The Mermaid House, so that's what we call it.
  5. I saw in my Dollhouse miniatures mail catalog a new rendition of the San Fran, and the kit is over $400!
  6. Always nice to hear another San Fran is in the works! Mine came from behind Goodwill next to the dumpster about a decade ago~ In bad shape, no windows, no box no parts. It was my 1st project, and took about 5 years, finally.... it resides in a place of honor in my Conservatory.
  7. Nice! My San Fran came from a dumpster.... I didn't have windows or exterior doors so I bought them from Hobby builder supply and I added wood to make them fit.
  8. I made great stained glass windows by googling them on my pc, and saving the pictures to file. I put a dozen or so on a thumb drive took it to FEDX and had them printed on transparency, you can get a lot on 1 transparency. Next I cut them out and leaving space around each one, went back to copy center and had them laminated. One big sheet. but be sure to leave space between each window so you won't break the seal when you cut them out, and have enough room to fill the window opening. HINT: You can print them on white paper before you do the transparency to be sure the size and that you li
  9. genieDOLL


    I wasn't able TO LIKE (Heart) your Tuscany villa, but its awesome and I think your rendition is excellent
  10. Love it! Fabulous! There actually is a gypsy caravan in historic Mount Holly, NJ behind the Robin's Nest Café!
  11. genieDOLL


    I found this great little prefab castle which folds together; at Michael's, marked down to $6.25- minus its drawbridge! Working it 1:24
  12. genieDOLL

    Dura-craft San Fran Rehab

    Learning as I go ~ a 1st project; I found this looking sad abandoned behind a Goodwill.
  13. genieDOLL


    I am beyond impressed! Your workmanship and creativity is so excellent! I'm working on a 1:24 Castle, and you have some ideas to inspire me. I need to construct a Tudor Grand Bed for Sir Godfrey. I made stained glass using my PC, searching Gothic-Tudor-Medieval historic cathedral windows, took the thumb drive to FedX and got laser prints in color.
  14. genieDOLL

    1:24 Aubusson carpet

    Ahhhh, should have know such a gorgeous thing was by Havana Holly! I love your work. Kudos for stiching this beautiful rug!
  15. genieDOLL

    It's a bed!

    /This is great! I need a bed for my 1:24 scale castle; I ordered a set but bed is too big. Hope I can dream up something as creative as yours!
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