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  1. genieDOLL


    I love the rooftop conservatory. I had one on my Tennyson, but it was only cardboard. Wonderfully creative, great color scheme and execution. I used lattice to trim my San Fran, your use of faux stone work at the foundation is a terrific idea.
  2. genieDOLL


    This is a gorgeous view. Love the outside wall fountain, Also, your dolls are great! Resin or porcelain? KUDOS on a great house!
  3. genieDOLL

    San Fran 555 Build

    I did a SanFran rebuild and I love to see what others are doing interpreting their San Frans. I love your color scheme. Also unique the side porch?
  4. Please post more pictures as you progress. Really fabulous dollhouse!
  5. Your outside trim is great!
  6. genieDOLL

    Tudor bed

    Tudor is my favorite too. I LOVE this bed and chest, the room angles are amazing.
  7. genieDOLL

    BM Front.jpg

    You got an amazing amount of detail into this small house. I like the gold details and the balloons. Pretty in PINK!
  8. So much eye candy! Wonderful detail. Yummy
  9. Beautiful sitting room with view to hall. Love the equestrian touches.
  10. This is a lovely view so realistic you could live there! Ceiling treatment is great. Love the dining and foyer chandeliers.
  11. WOW! that is the most creative thing ever; to use a puzzle landscape view for the side of the house. Great job!
  12. I think my Tennyson is unique to have the add on side addition.
  13. Amazing how different everyone's take on the San Fran is! I would love to see the exterior. Really like your dining room, especially the table and chairs.
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