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  1. So the price of the model is increased by almost half just for the paint? Wow man. I was thinking of starting off in miniatures with a car, but it sounds like a lot of work if you need all that paint. I am not so good with my hands! How long do you think it will take to build and paint? Maybe I'd spend more money on a ready made and painted car, but then I guess there is no fun in constructing it. The paint would dry quickly here. It's quite hot.
  2. You have talented relatives! It must have taken a while to make those pieces, but the house looks much nicer with your work done to it.
  3. dollymixtures

    In the beginning

    What's the extention made out of? I am curious because if I do get a doll house and it's not a Willowcrest, the Beacon Hill is my 2nd choice.
  4. That house looks nice. How big is it now? Does it take up much room? Oh, Happy New Year, by the way!
  5. How complicated is the willowcrest? Are there lots of pieces? Is ti a long term project or can it be built quite quickly?
  6. Hi, I am so sorry for not posting for a while. I don't get much freetime. I am South African. That flag has only been around for just over a decade or so. The old flag looked a lot different, and maybe you'd recognise the old flag. ***Dollymixures***
  7. I am very sorry if this question as been asked before, but I am new here. Are there any photographs of real Greenleaf houses? I would love to see photos of a real Willowcrest or Beacon Hill. Which cities would they be found in? I would imagine that a real Willowcrest would be in Pennsylvania seeing as how it looks like a Dutch style house and Pennsylvania is known as 'Dutch Country' in the US if I am not mistaken. Has anybody here ever lived in or visited a real life Greenleaf house? Thanks! ***Dollymixtures***
  8. If it is any help to you all, I have found quite a few 1:12 scale cars on the internet. Here are a couple of links... There are these Metal Cars , These models, and some 1:12 scale models here too! I hope that these were useful. ***Dollymixtures***
  9. Thank you everyone for welcoming me here. Hopefully I'll buy a doll house and get started on making sometime in the new year. I really do not have very much spare time, but I really do like the look of the Willowcrest. It is like a windmill without the sails. Of course if I do get my hands on a Willowcrest, I'll post messages on here about it. Thanks everyone!
  10. Hello everyone. I have joined this forum because I was thinking about buying a Willowcrest. Are they hard work? Do they take a lot of time to build? I don't have too much spare time, so I would be grateful for any advice about it. Thanks. ***Dollymixtures***
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