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  1. ohhhh.... it's not a 'nice' challenge, it's a grumble "you'll never get it done; I'm going to buy you a finished one; next year it will look just like this; get the stuff off the dining room table; yea yea, i see it" ... but actually, he's doing this on purpose to challenge me. But now that I know, he needs to find something else like: "I'll buy the furniture" LOL
  2. I love doing floors too! I printed mine on photo paper and sealed them with a matte sealer, they are so fun to do!
  3. Thanks Angelica, I think most people are overwhelmed when they start their first dollhouse! Just seeing all the wood sheets is disheartening. But, you are right, signing on here and viewing the galleries, asking for tips, really did help me immensely! My house is coming along quite nicely. Like you, I have made errors but they are fixable. The one's that aren't add character (lol). I found new sites that I can download wallpaper and use that was so exciting!! Of course, I've had to replace my printer cartridges much sooner than usual! But it IS so much fun!!! Thanks for reminding me that making this house is a "hobby." I have taken pics of my kitchen and dining room where there are pieces everywhere and although it's a mess, it is an organized mess. My partner continuously challenges me and that helps, but this site is definately most helpful. I'm off to check out more pics and see if you have any!
  4. lol @ happyconfusednavywife! With that humor you should be able to move right along! I did take my house apart. Like you, I built it in 2009, got frustrated and that was that. The great members here suggested to take it apart, which I did not have the heart to do but did it. This was extremely helpful in guiding me and giving me confidence in that I knew where everything had to go. My husband keeps saying "You'll never finish" more to give me a challenge I think than anything. He also does not realize the detail I am putting into it now (chair rails, inside fireplace background, etc.). all he see's is pieces of the house that are painted or wall-papered. I can say without a doubt, if I can do this, so can others! It is alot of work and I do want to light it so I most likely won't put it together permanently until then. Good luck with yours and seriously, for a boost of inspiration, cruise through everyone's photo's. They are all awesome!!!
  5. Hi Stacey, thanks! Just viewed your album, wow ~ Love it! I am so happy I signed back on here before I did my re-do. I'm not happy with how my floor turned out (living/dining rooms) but I'm working on it slowly. Thanks for the friend request, I love this site and everyone's pics!
  6. I've been away from here because I've been so busy working on my Fairfield. It is coming along wonderfully and all of you have helped me so much. I have found that I can print out wallpaper and have been busy looking at patterns and pasting/taping. Most important, I finally got the steps done and am so happy with the way they look. That was an accomplishment as no other!!! I am using excess wood for chair-rails, and papers from the craft store for wallpapering too. This is so much fun! It is theraputic and I just cannot stay away from it. I've moved everything to my dining room so I can see the progress. So much fun! Thanks again!!!!
  7. kymba5

    Dollhouse re-do

    Thanks to all the people who have inspired me, I have started over and I'm having so much fun! Thank you!!!
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    From the album: Dollhouse re-do

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    From the album: Dollhouse re-do

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    From the album: Dollhouse re-do

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    From the album: Dollhouse re-do

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    From the album: Dollhouse re-do

  13. kymba5

    attic room

    What a cool idea! I love the telescope! Very talented indeed!
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    Gorgeous! I love your color choices!!! I'm favoriting your Gallery for ideas! LOve it!
  15. Thank you!! I really am so glad I signed back into this forum! I am also really glad that I built as much as I did, because now that I have, I am slowly taking apart the pieces and painting them. I bought wallpaper and flooring yesterday and I am so excited to get my classes done today so I can work on it!!! Thanks for the tip Gayle about the hallway, I was just looking in there yesterday and thought, oh I think I'm definitely taking this apart to paint. Have a great day!
  16. kymba5

    Rosie helps out

    I Love it!!! I have a black cat like yours and a white Tonkinese. The Tonkinese is about a year old and I caught her 'IN' my Fairfield I'm building!!! The house is beautiful and I am fast becoming an addict!!! I cannot wait to go to Lowe's today to pick out paint for the outside! I love the trees you've placed in front...so pretty!
  17. I would like to add all of you as friends for helping to inspire me. I'm learning the forum, so if you could add me in the event I forget someone I would really appreciate it!!! Thanks again! I look forward to viewing your galleries... this is soooo much fun!
  18. Hi Angie! I too have just signed back on because I'm tired of seeing my first dollhouse half built moving from room to room!!! I can imagine your thoughts when you opened your dollhouse, I thought the Fairfield was overwhelming!!! I've received great tips from the members here and they really have helped me become enthusiastic about working on my fairfield again. I used hot glue as recommended on the instructions and that was a major mistake. I was going to take it apart, but don't have the heart too, so I'm slowly un-glueing the bad stuff. Looking at everyone's gallery also gives me inspiration. Good Luck! I was given a hint to look at scrap-booking papers at the craft store for wall-paper. I am really excited, I know if I can do it, you can too! Looking forward to seeing pics!!!
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    Absolutely gorgeous!!!! I live the little details you've added. I wish I could just shrink myself and live inside
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    Thank you. I decided not to take the "whole" house apart, it really doesn't look too bad so I am unglueing the hot glue that looks real bad. I'm going to have to check out the housework stairs. I think it took me four tries and I know I missed something on the top (banister?) and now I can't get my hand in there! LOL
  21. Since I've been re-inspired to get my Fairfield done by all of you wonderful people, I will be diligently working on my house in between two classes. I have set up a work area and layed everything out. It's a mess already but I know where everything is. I decided NOT to take my house apart because of the hot glue that the instruction sheet recommended. I'm am fixing it up and sanding and picking off the pieces of glue. This house is so special to me and I am psyched to finish it. Hey I'm a psychology student who is psyched... lol. I can't wait to see uploaded pics of others fairfield's!
  22. kymba5

    moving along ~

    LOL!!! This is BEFORE I start taking it apart!!!! I'll post more in about 3 months... when it's together again!
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