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    I am attending school for my Bachelor's Degree in psychology. In my spare time I really like to landscape and interior decorate. I have always wanted a dollhouse and my husband bought me the Fairfield Model for my birthday. I was so excited to start it! Now, I'm just frustrated and it sits just wanting me to work on it, but I've been so disheartened by it. I really need some positive re-inforcement sent my way!

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Hi, My name is Kimberly. After much despair, I have decided to take advantage of this site to give me the inspiration I need to complete my dollhouse. So far, the response has been great and just what I needed! Thanks to all who took the time to motivate me. I will do it this time!!!

On a personal level, I am a mother to three beautiful children. Christopher will be 21 on 2/2; Brianna will be 18 on 2/1; and Kevin just turned 15 in October. I've always loved dollhouses and decorating as my daughter can confirm! We had so much fun with her toy dollhouses when she was young. We would spend hours decorating and re-decorating. My oldest son (5 at the time) also had fun with it (shhhh...he's an ice-hockey player now and wouldn't want that known)!

I've been through some devastating life events the past seven years (my marriage crumbled after 21 years, my daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia at 13 and is in remission, I was diagnosed with liver failure) and my outlook on life has changed substantially.

I always wanted to do this project WITH my daughter, but I'm glad that I have waited seeing how very difficult and time consuming it is. All my children keep asking me if "the dollhouse is done yet." I will get this finished!!!!

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