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  1. New Mansard roof and two attic rooms added to 2004 Oddjob Lane! I removed the odd original roof and replaced it—the house needed a better “look” and needed extra space. See the details on my blog at http://irismarchcreations.blogspot.com I hope you enjoy the upgrade! B)
  2. Unless this house is MDF, I would not use those "barrel hinges". They are necessary for MDF (that's what I use for MDF), but in my opinion, ungainly. I wallpaper under them.They are rather large and bulky to wallpaper over the barrels. Also, the glue has on some occassions affected the hinges and they rust. This is my experience with MDF and the barrel hinges. I would use three solid brass hinges for each door. I have used piano hinges but had to do some searching to find the size for 3/8 ". Whether this house was originally a front-opening or not, does not affect the type of hinge you use--piano or individual--which look do you like better? If the house is properly built and the hinge(s) is properly installed, the door will open and close. With regard to the individual hinges-- usually wallpaper over them on the house and door sides. You do not have to put the hinge on the vertical edge of the house on the "inside" edge. That half of the hinge can be put on the outside of the house! If this is confusing--look at my posts for La Malcontenta (RGT Thornhill) that have pictures of the doors. (RGT suggests doing it that way.) You would then brick or paint or stucco over the hinge. As I said, this is what I did for La Mal and I am very happy with this approach and will be using it again. I can send you some pictures if you want them. Also, I paint over, in a matching color, the edge of the hinge that "sticks" out on the outside. You don't have to do this if you like the look of the brass. I like it "disguised". If you have any questions, email me or post here. Don't panic or dispare, I turn most every dollhouse into a front-opening dollhouse. B)
  3. B) Hello All, Well I have not been doing to much with the little people, but I have made some real accomplishments! I have posted more La Malcontenta (RGT Thornhill) interior details—finally “finished”, almost! (Dollhouses are never totally finished!). Read the current post, or to see all the posts on La Malcontenta, click on the “La Malcontenta” image in the sidebar. Please enjoy my blog at http://irismarchcreations.blogspot.com I also put the “almost” finished La Malcontenta interior on YouTube You can see the video on my latest post at http://irismarchcreations.blogspot.com or go to YouTube and put irismarchcreations in the search box. I hope you enjoy it. It is nice to see a flow through of all the rooms. B)
  4. It's gorgeous! I love the colors and that vine is such a great idea! B)
  5. I wouldn't cut it, but I guess my memories and souvenirs from my childhood mean so much to me. I would move first! Just my thoughts! B)
  6. As Janet and Holly said--that's the way to do it. B)
  7. I have finally finished the interior of La Malcontenta (RGT Thornhill)! Of course, there is always a curio or what-not that will be added now and then—just as in a real home. The photo is the den. Please see my blog for all the final details: http://irismarchcreations.blogspot.com Enjoy! B)
  8. Well, after a very weird May in limbo-land, I am back to miniatures and I have posted all the details of the completed dining room and kitchen at La Malcontenta" (RGT Thornhill) Hope you stop by! B)
  9. I love the little people and also put them into my dollhouses. My dollhouses all have resident families, extended families, and lots of friends; and as opposed to the "real world", everybody gets along. (We could learn some lessons in this). I have over 100 little people. I work in 1:12 scale now, but have a Keystone dollhouse with funishings and people living in it. This is a picture of some of them: I also have some of my dolls from my childhood. Love dolls, embrace dolls -- they are good friends! B)
  10. Casey said: I never thought of that! What a great idea. Thanks, Casey B) .
  11. Hello, In my non-ending search for the "best" way, I have been using lining paper (sometimes) on the walls to make a smooth wall (or ceiling), and then paint it or leave it white. I glue the lining paper with either YES glue or wallpaper paste. I am now thinking of trying Bristol board. What do I use to glue it to the wall? Do I paint it before or AFTER I glue it to the wall? I need a non-spray adhesive. Thanks a bunch, B)
  12. Jeff: Yes, and I love it. The dollhouse I covered is a commercial dollhouse with a glossy baked-on enamel finish. I didn't even have to sand it. The "stucco" went on easily, I could make some corrections as I went, and then it dried hard as a rock.WONDERFUL! Oh, I did add a slight wash of a "sandish" color here and there to give it an aged look. It took it well. B) P.S. I put it on with a pallet knife and didn't have to do anything else to the surface (except the wash) to get the look I wanted.
  13. I buy this stuff at Home Depot and it works great. See it : http://irismarchcreations.blogspot.com/2011/11/build-update1-2004-oddjob-lane-exterior.html B)
  14. Jeff, Different topic-- I like the kitchen set -- where did you get it? B)
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