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  1. So sorry - I don't have anything else so you can go ahead and delete this if you wish. I would edit it or delete it if I could!
  2. Hi there - I have one more lot of mini related item to rehome. Sorry, they must go together to one buyer. PP preferred. Unopened Daisy House Country Harvest Table Kit. Unopened Daisy House Country Benches Kit. Assembled Daisy House Tall Cupboard (and I did a pretty good job!). Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks!
  3. Hi there! I have three used mini power tools that I need to rehome. They were all originally purchased from MicroMark. Free to anyone willing to pay the shipping. Am pretty sure I have all attachments and parts but they may not be too organized....or super clean... Will try to get them in ship shape before I send out. They are as follows: MicroLux 3-Speed Mini Drill Press - plus extra flexshaft attachment. You can see info here on MicroMark website. MicroLux Mini Scroll Saw - plus lots of blades. You can see info here on MicroMark website. MicroLux Miniatur
  4. DandelionFair


    Lovely! The amount of shine looks right to me...
  5. Yes, it would be a great way for someone who has not tried half scale yet to see if they like it It has nice smooth wood and is a relatively simple build too - not a lot of fiddly parts. I'm loving the theater I am working on now so this kit is an orphan sitting here in my studio - best someone else give it some love!
  6. This vintage half scale shell kit (no windows or doors included) is free to anyone who wants it and is willing to pay shipping. It weighs 6 pounds and will be sent parcel post - I will calculate postage once I know the destination zip code and you can send to me with PayPal. I'm in Los Angeles and go to the post office Tuesdays and Fridays... Let me know if you are interested
  7. I think the way the gallery works now is fabulous - the fact that we can choose to see new images, comments, or albums is so helpful! Thank you!
  8. DandelionFair

    The kitchen

    That hutch is very nice - I do not recognize the kit - who makes it?
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