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  1. So a year or so ago a friend gave me this really sturdy awesome hand built custom dollhouse already finished (with the exception of doing the inside). Well, because it is a family heirloom, her family is wanting it back. In exchange she is purchasing another house for us (my daughter has been playing with the other one). I have decided to go ahead and get us the Pierce. I have been looking at different houses and this one just seems to be the best option for us. Does anyone have good pictures I can look at during the building process. I have not even finished my Orchid I started 2 years ago. I am a little daunted by the upcoming task. Any planning suggestions? Tips or advise? Photos?! Would like to start this project off on the right foot!
  2. I was given a Duracraft Heritage dollhouse kit from a friend who has had it sitting in her garage for quite some time. I have not pulled it all out to see just how much of it is here but I can tell right off that I am missing the Base Floor Front. It is also missing the siding, shingles, wood flooring and quite a bit of trim. Is there a way to replace any missing pieces? Does anyone have this house that could help me get a "pattern" to replace these pieces? I am not opposed to creating them from scratch but I need something to work with. LOL Please help. It is an adorable house and I would LOVE to be able to build her!
  3. Oh too cute! I guess I know where I am going after work!
  4. I stared with the Orchid as well. I can assure you, our first week or so together was a rough time. We do however have an understanding now and are working towards completion. It has been a little over a year and we are not done and still have a ways to go. We are currently at a cross-roads and she is pouting on my work table making it impossible for me to work on anything else. She is really rather stubborn this one. She decided very early on that she was going to be a fairy house. She has named herself DragonFly Manor and boasts bright purple, pink and green hues. She is rather pretty but until she starts behaving, she will remain alone on the work table! My best suggestion is go with the flow and if you feel like the instructions are not clear, take a good hard look at the pieces and try to figure it out. Then walk away for a day or two (or as long as you can stand, for me it's usually just a few hours) and come back with a fresh perspective.
  5. I think most of ours is a timing issue. I work during their work hours so answering my phone is sometimes hard. I will try calling them again. With my husband tossing out some of the information, it is hard to get everything together. Just need a replacement package for the hostess, no catalogs at this point. I can't WAIT to see all of your houses!!!!!
  6. I've had my show open since November. I had seven people confirm they were purchasing and then backed out on me. I ended up with three people ordering and not enough to qualify my show. I finally figured out a way to qualify my show with $100 so I could get my conventry but I can't get anyone on the phone. Because it has been so long I was trying to confirm that what we were ordering was still ok to order. I emailed and called and left two voicemails. Someone finally called me back and left a message and when I tried to return the call had to leave another voicemail. I tried emailing again and my email was returned as no known address (it was the email address directly off the HBS Houseparty page). I'm slightly frustrated at this point, not sure I want to even turn in the blasted show. I needed another copy of the hostess summary form and the hostess number I was supposed to be assigned that wasn't written on my original hostess summary form for MY orders. This just wasn't mean to be for me I think, I'm so frustrated. I am glad to hear it at least worked out for someone.
  7. Megs, YES I did order it on the 1st! Figured it was the perfect time to order it! LOL Husband will kill me if I open the box and start on her right now. He already harasses me about having so many unfinished projects. Holly, I know she will demand to be something on her own. Part of the reason I refuse to open the box right now. My Orchid screamed at me the minute I opened her box that she wanted to be a fairy house. However, she has decided she does not want me to work on her right now. She sits on my work table pouting. Guess I did something she didn't like? Curious what my FF will want to be. I got it because I want to build the Garfield or the Pierce but do not have the room to build her or store her later. So the FF was something to satisfy the desire for a tower room and still be manageable in our small house. But I'm DYING to open her! I don't know if I can WAIT months and months!!
  8. My Fairfirld arrived late last week. I have not opened her box yet. It is SCREAMING at me from the garage. But I promised myself I would not open the box until some other projects are completed. But I want to play with her SOOO Bad. But now I have time to plan some stuff for her BEFORE I start work. Like color schemes. And what I want to do with her on the inside. I'm very excited!
  9. CheckMouse, I will go check your gallery, trying to get the feel for the new updated forum. Just need some inspiration, maybe your gallery will give me some. Casey, did you have any on your blog? I searched your blog the other day and didn't see anything. If it is there, I will go check it out.
  10. I found one small tutorial which answered what I needed I think. Just have to decide on what kind of scene I want to put in them. I have two sets. One is an actual teacup and one of them is a tiny little creamer but it looked so adorable, I just HAVE to put a scene in it. :wub: Thank you for trying to look for something! I just wanted to try something different!
  11. I bought two adorable teacups and saucers from the resale shop this morning because they were too cute and too inexpensive to pass up. I knew I wanted to do 1/4 scales scenes in them. I also found a pair of smaller doll sized cups and saucers I want to do 1/144 scale scenes in. Does anyone have any tutorials or instructions on the best way to go about this?
  12. I ordered the Fairfield with my discount. I was going to put it in my HBS house party thing but when the sale hit, I immediately ordered the Fairfield. I am very excited!!!
  13. 1/2 scale yahoo group? Sounds interesting. Do you have the link for the group? I can see the pictures but it only shows the pics and no identifying information to locate the group. :idea:
  14. I am considering purchasing the Fairfield here shortly and have been eyeballing all the eyecandy photos of it. I have noticed it is a "secret" tower room, but has anyone cut a small opening of any kind from the attic to provide access? Seems odd that the tower room is not accessible from the attic space because in reality that room would be inaccessible by inhabitants of the little house. :idea:
  15. I started shingling my Orchid (AKA DragonFly Manor) last week and I am almost done. Because of the way I did it, I ran out of shingles that came with the kit and need to get some more tomorrow when the store is open again. I also got brave and grouted the kitchen. I had glued the tiles down months ago and was worrying about grouting since I had never done it before. Someone suggested using my fingers to squish the grout in and it looks awesome. I am waiting on the grout to dry now. I'll polish up the tiles tomorrow when I get home. They are as clean as I can get them at the moment. Can't wait to be done with the shingling. I am so excited! I have a long way to go with the house still, but it's progress at least! I'll post pictures later on when I snap a few!
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