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  1. ngcmh


    Bellingham Farmhouse
  2. ngcmh


    Bellingham Farmhouse
  3. ngcmh


    Bellingham Farmhouse
  4. It is very sad to see D-C go away.
  5. This room looks like it may turn out pretty good. I've cut the wall between these rooms back to open it up.
  6. I am starting to get the inside of my Harrison. The stair case will go in soon. I took the white painted muttens off of the windows and went with etching them in.
  7. If you have a hard time with this one it's a Harrison. The inside still needs a little work. All the rooms are switched, including the exterior lights. I've taken away the wrap around porch and a section of the second floor to add balconies and doors. Brick painted the entire exterior
  8. The story behind this house is too long to explain, however, it goes back to 1984. I need to finish soon, everytime I turn around a new idea pops up and I end up changing something.
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