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    i enjoy all crafts, i make purses, i sew a lot, and i love working on dollhouses, my biggest pleasure is spending time with my 2 grandchildren, Haley (13) and Garen (12)

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  1. :popcorn: Thank you so much, this is the house i was talking about, i love it and i'm going to try this. i have my pierce almost finished, but time to start over. thanks again. Brenda
  2. when i was on one day, i ran across a photo of someones Pierce, and they had extended the floor plan of the kitchen and living room out to the edge of the house , the kitchen went all the way across the front and the L.R. and Dining room, were on the new extended floor play, i've been trying to relocated the photos and i can't. can anyone help me? :yes: Thanks Brenda
  3. I'm not sure if i understand what you are saying and it has been a while since i started my Beacon Hill, but those pieces will be on a diffent type of wood, a much thinner, bendable wood. but there should be no difference in the size. :wub: Brenda
  4. i used black sandpaper, actually it's emery board on my roof, it was so easy cause it comes in sheets, very pliable, looks great, so does yours.
  5. Hi, just wanted to let you know you can go to Lowes or home depot, and they have the self stick 12x12 tiles for flooring, you can buy one, for about $1.00 any kind you want some have the marble look. Brenda
  6. Hi, sorry so much flu is around. i know how you feel, i was in bed for about a week with a serious kidney infection, and before i was completely over that i took pneumonia. i've been sick for over 4 wks, and i don't ever want pneumonia again, i have never coughed so much in my life, ached all over, ran a fever chilled, sounds like the flu, but the doctor did a chest x-ray, i would wake up in the middle of the night and have to change clothes and the bed would be soaked where i had sweated, my skin was even sore. well, feeling better now, if i could just get my strength back. Hope everyone
  7. ;) yes Deb it is good news, my son is not getting any younger,LOL, and he needs a life, he has been dating Sarah for about 5 yrs, so they should know what they are doing. although, i'm not going to try to kid any Mother on this board, i have mixed emotions, i'm loseing my baby. but so happy for him.
  8. yeah, mine is to lose some weight also. and i have a goal, ( June), because in June i will be getting a new daughter in law, i just found out tonight that my youngest son, Kelly ( 33) is getting married. she is the sweetest girl, but anyway to get back to the weight , i have to lose some pounds to get a new dress for the wedding. ;)
  9. well it's Christmas eve, and i know all the children are getting excited.i am so thankful to be able to be with my family, and i'm praying for the ones who can't be together, especially our troops on foreign soil, fighting for our freedom. God bless all of you, and i wish all of you a very " Merry Christmas"! i love christmas eve, even though we don't get together with family till tomorrow, but there is something so peaceful about Christmas eve. Everyone have a great Christmas, and don't eat too much! :lol:
  10. could someone send me the newsletter?
  11. Peggi, so sorry to hear about your back. i have back problems all the time, it hurts constantly, and i find myself at the chiropracters often. but one little trick i have found, since pillows are so big, and my husbands weight beside me in the bed seems to cause me to lean to one side, and that puts a strain on my back , i roll up a little fleese throw that i have, and put it next to me just slightly , slightly under my arm, and side, and it keeps me from trying to roll in that direction, and dosn't put as much of a strain on my back, i do this every night , even my good nights, it helps m
  12. Tracy i never did get a newsletter, i'm dieing to read it. is it to late to have one sent to me?
  13. :lol: i didn't get a newsletter either, i would love to get it.
  14. wow! Teresa that is great, a 1,000 post i have a long way to go. Good Luck
  15. let's see, i', getting i on this one a little late, 1. i can't stand people who thinks the world owes them. they don't apprecaite anything cause they think they deserve it. 2. cell phones, although i have one 3. people, (parents) who don't give their children they time they need, and that teat them as lesser people because they are children.
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