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  1. yes, little triangles. thanks, I'm gonna look there :yes:
  2. yes, little triangles. thanks, I'm gonna look there :yes:
  3. I posted a question about this under the Orchid forum, but thought someone else may know who hasn't build the Orchid. I am building the dormers and do not for the life of me understand what they want me to do with these dang gussets! I can't tell by looking at the box either. It says to position the gusset on the inside of the top edge of left dormer roof.....what?!?! Thank you all!
  4. I am having trouble with the gussets, the instructions are not clear to me on how I am supposed to install them in the dormers, any advice?!
  5. Daisel518


    Thank you Cynthia! That tutorial is awesome!
  6. Daisel518


    Beautiful! That was a lot of work! I'm doing little egg carton bricks today, did you paint them before you sealed them? I've been considering sealing them with Mod Podge, thank you for this inspiration!
  7. Daisel518

    garden 4.jpg

    It looks gorgeous! Good job on the clay! Do you still happen to have Deb's directions?
  8. Ya'll are wonderful thank you! I need to post some more pictures, well they may be in my gallery actually. The upper wall is a plum purple paint so I was thinking I could do just about any color from the wallpaper, but the rest of the house is very cottage like and I didn't want it to look to glam-ed up! I may do the terracotta with some accents after-all. I'm trying to listen to the house, and I've been hearing terracotta since I started this room so it may already be written in the cards! we will see, I'm about to finish it up now!
  9. Thank you! I don't know how I stayed away this long! I plan on spending the rest of winter break playing catch up! I thought about a non traditional color on the tiles, I'm just worried about it clashing with the "natural" stone
  10. I'm laying some tile in the living room as had initially planned on a natural terra cotta but now that I think about it, it may not go well with the fireplace stones which are a natural grey rock. This morning my daughter, who the house is for, mentioned she would like the tiles to be black but I don't know... The actual fireplace I want to keep because it was my first attempt and I want this house to kind of represent my learning experiences, so I'm going to make the hearth area the same grey tones. What coloring should I use for the floor when it is this type of tile?! Thank you all in advance! I've been MIA for a few months and sooo glad to be back to work on the house!!!
  11. I used those to-go drink carriers, I didn't use a tutorial, just cut the "stones" out into the shapes I wanted gluing them with the textured side up and once they were all in place grouted them with some Dap fast and final mixed with a little grey paint. Then I did a dirty wash and then painted them individually with different shades of greys and browns. Please let me know if you need more help, I only had time for a short reply but can help you later on this evening if you need
  12. My little ladies are back in too..kindergarden and third. Yesterday was the first day for them and I'm back to work today.. Kinda sad, yesterday was worse, but I'm glad to be back in a routine and having two incomes again....hahahah more dollhouse income!
  13. Daisel518

    say cheese

    You have an amazing talent for what you do, everything is absolutely perfect and such fun to look at
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