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  1. No problem!! So, in light of this info, may I please have my butcher shop, fish shop, and small variety shop somewhere in St. Bartholomew? This is just great! Also, if, this fits the plans, can I put grannie's stone cottage in one of the hamlets? I don't have pics yet, but her cottage is finished. The little shops for St. Bartholomew's are all started. Orchid #1 is progressing nicely, and it could go in Hoylake, if that's ok. I'll have to give Hoylake some more thought re it's style of living. Thanks, guys, for all your kind work. You're so generous with your time and talents
  2. Monica, I have a barber shop in the works, could I please have a plot in Belleville, somewhere in the business district? My shop isn't finished yet.
  3. Monica...I'm just itching to build a little cottage to go in Chamelot!!
  4. Monica, I'm so pleased about Hoylake (n.b. correct spelling...not holly lake, thanks.) It is a small fishing village, long established, but basically staying the same size over the years. People on the whole live in small detached cottages on lots just big enough to grow some vegetables. The men go out in small dories (like row-boats..one or maybe two to a boat, no more than that) and fish for their families, taking any extras to the local fish shop, Because they fish in the straight just down from the Bay of Squalls, fishing in little boats is dangerous, and the locals call that the Straight
  5. Jo..that's just perfect!! both of them!!! I'm so thrilled about all this, I've got goosebumps! Hugs
  6. how about the Green Land of Dean Or Greenland of Dean
  7. Since I'm waiting for the repair man to fix my pc, and don't have any pics up yet in my gallery, can I still chose my village? If it's ok, I'd like the village on the smaller island to the right of the main one, the village I'd like is on the left, the farthermost point out, and I'd like to name it Hoylake...that's where Grannie and I lived in RL. Let me know if that's ok, and I'll figure out what-all is in it. Bless your heart for doing all this work, and the others that are chugging along with you...you're giving all of us a great deal of pleasure. Just had another thought..what about some
  8. Hi Monica!!!..great work!!Will the seaside town have a boardwallk with booths..like for cotton candy, salt water taffy etc? (I'm on a diet, can you tell ?), also could we have a cemetery with a mausaleum (sp?), and sorry to have so many questions, but could I put grannie's cottage all by itself in the foothills of the mountains? She has sheep and goats, and needs some grazing land. I also wondered about using one of the small islands as a penal colony..got to put the bad guys somewhere LOL My son was very interested in the island, said"you realize you're surrounded by salt water", and before
  9. well, I can see that, all right...where else would they live? Can you imagine what it would be like to live right on the edge of that forest? Wouldn't that be fun? You'd never know what to expect. can leprechauns live in that forest, too? I don't think they're quite "nice"...do the magical folks have to be nice, or can a wicked witch live there? I've just taken a closer look at my Orchid #1 ..thought I was doing quite well (sigh)..not many straight lines, I'm afraid, and rather sloppy painting...I think I'll have to live on the wrong side of the tracks..will we have a railroad? LOL
  10. How about some hamlets, and some land devoted to agriculture? Boy, you guys are going great guns on this idea !!! Way to go !!!
  11. How about along that river...sort of like the Rhine R. (I've never been there, but I seem to recall pictures of castles way up high along the river). Boy, now I'd like to make a Dracula Castle!!!
  12. Just got caught up....LOVE the map !!!!! Love, love, love it !!! Boy, this inspires me to get building...I want to live everywhere !!!!! What a great thing this is..so exciting... One question..will there be a citeria for the houses that want to go to specific places..ie. are the villages going to be made up completely of cottages? I was thinking it might be fun to have a "straight' family live on the edge of the enchanted forest. LOL How about that pirate cove idea! That's great..it's all great, and getting better by the minute. Great job, folks !!!!
  13. There's something about cats named Abby..I've got one, and she's always getting the little dogs into trouble!! Love the second pic Caught in the act !!!!! Your cabin looks terrific, great chinking.
  14. What an awful shock! My prayers for a good outcome are with you both. Hugs, big, gentle hugs.
  15. Love all this brainstorming !!How about this for a start? Let's say we make a list of the available areas...city, town, village, country, seaside, and any other place we can think of. Then those of us who are interested in this virtual country could choose where they want their build to be. This would get listed for us all to see, so we'd know how big these areas are, and what the real estate looks like, etc. When we "moved in", we could name our house, then people could go to that persons gallery to see the building. That way there wouldn't have to be more pics for this site. Here at home I'
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