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  1. Desjardin

    IMG_2462 [50%].JPG

    Very well done, Cynthia. You do beautiful work! Lucille
  2. Love your mask. Beautiful colour! Lucille
  3. This house is so sweet and welcoming. I just love it! Lucille
  4. Just beautiful! You are so talented. I cannot crochet. Perhaps I will learn. It's among the hundreds of things that I would like to learn. Hope I get there! Lucille
  5. I love the vibes I get from these two dolls. I think it's a love match. That man doll is gorgeous. She's lucky she met him and to be fair, vice versa. Love is in the air! Lucille. (I'm having problems typing. I have no cursor. I don't know where it went)!
  6. I like her! She's got character. Must everything be perfect to be loved? I don't think so. I love her face and you should be very proud that you created her. Lucille She's unique!
  7. Desjardin

    Bedroom 2.jpg

    It's such an amusing concept to have a travelling doll like Emma. I like that! I've enjoyed her travels very much. Lucille.
  8. Desjardin


    Very well thought out. I love how you did the staging! Lucille.
  9. Desjardin


    Beautiful furniture! Lucille.
  10. Desjardin


    Love it! So very creative! Lucille.
  11. Charming. And, I just love your wallpaper. Lucille.
  12. I love your picture and also the fabric on the cushion. Lucille.
  13. Desjardin

    Diner 39.JPG

    I absolutely love your work. It's always so colourful and interesting with all the details. Lucille.
  14. Desjardin

    Diner 27.JPG

    Yum, yum, now I want a hamburger and fries for lunch! Lucille.
  15. Desjardin


    I love your little details! Lucille.
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