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    New staircase

    How did you make them? I am so challenged with stairs. I love how they look when they are done but consider eliminating them because they present so many problems for me.
  2. Maybe it's like the Hansel and Gretel house test for kitties.
  3. Welcome to the Forum! I am originally from Massachusetts. Samuel Prescott warned us about the British and our minutemen marched to the old north bridge in Concord to fight.
  4. In my area of Southern NH, there is the Searles Castle (historical, used for wedding receptions now) and some other Tudor-style buildings from the same time that have been converted into condos. They are very unique and your project made me think of them. Thought I would include the link. https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/80-Pond-St-UNIT-2-Salem-NH-03079/86796171_zpid/
  5. amyole


    Yes, it's a purple shade. I painted it late last winter. The color makes me happy! I also put all new windows in and new railings for the front porch. This rehab turned out to be much more work than I originally thought it would be!
  6. From the album: Lilliput Apple Blossom rehab

    updated exterior; finishing up the trim, staircases, tower (not shown)
  7. From the album: Lilliput Apple Blossom rehab

    updated exterior progress; needs to be shingled & still working on the tower
  8. amyole

    Loganberry Mill

    completed Dec 2020
  9. amyole


    From the album: Loganberry Mill

  10. amyole


    From the album: Loganberry Mill

  11. amyole


    From the album: Loganberry Mill

  12. amyole


    From the album: Loganberry Mill

  13. amyole


    From the album: Loganberry Mill

  14. amyole


    finished exterior
  15. amyole


    Great job! I just realized that it was the store kit that you bashed. Quite a transformation.
  16. Hi, Ali, When you dry fit the house, you will see where the pieces have contact, and that is where I put the glue - not just on the tabs, but wherever there is contact. It can help to mark the areas with a pencil so when you take it out of dry fit you know where the pieces will meet when you eventually put them together again.
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