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  1. amyole

    2nd floor hall.jpg

    I also dislike putting in stairs for the same reason and have put off finishing a house (a rehab) because it has 2 staircases. I do love seeing them when they are finished, though.
  2. I was not sent to camp as a child because my mother and her 2 sisters were sent and were super homesick. The story goes that when they saw each other during various activities, the youngest one would start to cry. I think they were only there for one or two weeks. They never went again! I sent my kids and they loved going. I would love to attend this camp, though. I wonder if they need a volunteer to help the staff?
  3. amyole

    Ext Townhouse3.jpg

    He looks like he is ready to jump off the wall! Maybe he's been in quarantine too long...
  4. I have taken pictures and kept a scrapbook of sorts of my houses and then given them away. The pictures give me nice memories and I know the house is happier being part of a child's heart and imagination.
  5. amyole


    This is what I love about cats. Gives me good memories of my fur babies.
  6. amyole

    Russell Crowe.jpg

    Barbie is a lucky girl...
  7. So, I am looking for ideas on how to organize my acrylic paints in my workshop. Right now, I have a bunch on shelves but they are hard to see without looking behind the front bottles. Then, my mother who used to do tole painting gave me her left over bottles in 2 large boxes. It's a mess. I thought of trying to find some narrow shelves that would go on the wall and have the bottle one or two deep. Anyone know of where to find something like that (if it exists)? I looked at Michael's website the other day and did not see anything.
  8. amyole

    Full interior view

    This is precious. Love the colors.
  9. amyole

    Stove unit

    Very clever ideas to overcome items being back-ordered. This stove looks fabulous.
  10. This weather vane makes a great detail.
  11. My! How do they keep their figures so thin with all that yummy food?
  12. Welcome, Frances. You house is progressing magnificently. I love the quoin corners.
  13. I try to remove as soon as possible with a cotton-tipped swab and water.
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