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  1. amyole

    Chateau 01 of 22.jpg

    This is so beautiful. I love how the arched windows and arches look inside. And the stonework! And the ceilings. Absolutely stunning.
  2. It's amazing she can keep such a trim figure! Looks yummy
  3. They are formulaic, but I appreciate the happy endings and clean language when life gets too "real". I often have them on in my dh workshop.
  4. I cannot seem to put windows together without getting glue on the acetate. I've improved, but have a big mess on the door window of current house. I've tried to disguise it but every time I look at the door, it's all I can see.
  5. amyole

    Condobed Jun2020.jpg

    I wish my rl bedroom looked like this.
  6. Overwhelmed is definitely a common stage. For me, I think some of the stages are: 1. Shear excitement and impatience: after you order the kit, look at pictures on-line, and finally get the kit home 2. Overwhelmed: once you open the kit and see all the parts, the often-wonky instructions & schematics 3. Excitement, impatience and some early gratification: when you dry fit and see the possibilities before you 4. During the build, I experience all kinds of emotions: frustration, elation and amazement Like Holly said, sometimes you need to walk away, have a nap or beverage, etc. Our minds are unconsciously sorting out the problems and absorbing what the house wants to be when we take a break.
  7. I remember opening a package of these hinges and thinking - "Wow! look at all the extra nails for these! That's crazy!" Until I needed EVERY SINGLE ONE to try to install the stupid hinges. They kept flying off the needle nose plyers I was using and they were too small to locate once gone. I said, "never again".
  8. You could also use channel molding to slide it in and out as needed.
  9. It looks like it should be from a deserted old western town.
  10. They are probably more thorough than my town's RL building inspector (and cuter).
  11. amyole

    Blue Roombox 07.JPG

    I like the beams and how the window treatments match the top of the recessed bed.
  12. Welcome! I am looking forward to seeing your mother's old house.
  13. amyole


    sweet rug!
  14. Kells: Those stairs look very good - kind of a cross between the ladder and stairs. Excellent suggestion. Thanks!
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