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  1. I have always wanted to build and keep my own Pierce. And a Willowcrest. And there are many others... whenever I see a picture of an especially well-done house.
  2. The Orchid is another nice house to consider. The Arthur, Orchid and Magnolia have a lot of exterior personality (gingerbread trims and gables). The Laurel is a different style. Of course, all the houses can be customized to the style you choose. Maybe you can ask the girls to select the one they would like from your pre-determined list. They are lucky girls! I wanted a dollhouse so much when I was a child.
  3. Wow! I got chills (the good kind) reading this post and seeing the pictures.
  4. Hi, Most of my houses are built for children (preferably age 8+), so I try to make them able to withstand love and accidents. I have used paper clay to make stone and brick exteriors - I don't know how it holds up after some wear and tear, but it does make the house a little sturdier without adding a lot of weight. I have also used clapboarding and stucco. The RGT houses are sturdy but very heavy and do not leave a lot of room for bashing the house.
  5. amyole

    6scale guys2.jpg

    It looks like they are having a serious conversation with their beverages.
  6. amyole

    Barbie yacht.jpg

    I want to be Barbie.
  7. amyole


    I love when people make miniatures like this. So creative! (this is why I have a drawer of stuff like this, I just need the creativity to figure out what they will become)
  8. This looks great. I love how the trim around the arched opening looks. Those are always tricky to do (that's when my hands feel too big and clumsy).
  9. It will also be easier to assemble the 1st floor and finish the interior before adding the 2nd floor/roof. I finished one last year and did not put in a 2nd floor. It's a cute house. Have fun!
  10. I also dislike putting in stairs for the same reason and have put off finishing a house (a rehab) because it has 2 staircases. I do love seeing them when they are finished, though.
  11. I was not sent to camp as a child because my mother and her 2 sisters were sent and were super homesick. The story goes that when they saw each other during various activities, the youngest one would start to cry. I think they were only there for one or two weeks. They never went again! I sent my kids and they loved going. I would love to attend this camp, though. I wonder if they need a volunteer to help the staff?
  12. amyole

    Ext Townhouse3.jpg

    He looks like he is ready to jump off the wall! Maybe he's been in quarantine too long...
  13. I have taken pictures and kept a scrapbook of sorts of my houses and then given them away. The pictures give me nice memories and I know the house is happier being part of a child's heart and imagination.
  14. amyole


    This is what I love about cats. Gives me good memories of my fur babies.
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