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  1. Kells: Those stairs look very good - kind of a cross between the ladder and stairs. Excellent suggestion. Thanks!
  2. Holly, they hug the wall and turn on a landing. The turn is what has me stymied because the slant is geared to the wrong side. I have considered doing ladder-type stairs (they'd be straighter, no need to turn and take up less space for furnishings), but prefer them to be more "stair" like. BTW: I am keeping this house as it was a gift and not giving it away.
  3. Background: Okay, stairs are not my forte. I love how they look when finished, but prefer to eliminate them when possible. Lately, I have a new stair-avoidance with my houses, and have stopped working on a house for a while when I get to the stairs part. My problem: DH/Santa gifted me with the RGT Light house kit. I love it! Um, stairs... Then, DH helped me assemble it (yes, I dry fit it & did not notice this). While the stair holes line up correctly, they are on the opposite side of the house they should be (stairs turn on a landing and, being made out of mdf, are milled to fit in one direction) . I cannot take the house apart to fix this, so I am trying to figure out how to make my own stairs. If you have any ideas, please share. This is adding to my stair issues.
  4. Welcome to the forum. This is the right place for questions/answers. I love your lightkeepers cottage!
  5. What did you use for your bricks? I think they look wonderful - even in size and spacing.
  6. I agree with Holly. I pick and choose what gingerbread I want to put on the house. It is nice to have the option, though.
  7. Hi, Stephanie: I use Gesso as a primer - no odor. You do have to wait 24 hours for it to dry. Dry fit the house first, double check that it all fits together nicely, and mark where the walls will be glued - you don't need to prime that area. Also, when you dry fit, you can get a good feel for the house and how your decor will work - though I have often had spur of the moment inspirations later in the build. Enjoy!
  8. So interesting! I loved all the people they created - and the food! Inspiring work, to be sure.
  9. Welcome to the forum, Peggy. Your work is amazing - you have created spaces in miniature that most people can relate to.
  10. I thought more about this show. Since these are professional designers, working in miniature is really an extension of their profession - they like their jobs (I assume), but they don't have the PASSION for miniatures that we do. I think that is what we see is missing in their houses.
  11. So, I just finished watching (not all, but most) and was also underwhelmed. I was confused because I thought they all had to work on the same house (California style) and then there was the RGT house - where the stairs were omitted and the gaping hole was left. No trim work. No door handles or windows (Cal house). Creases and open seams on wallpaper. Granted, my work is not perfect; I guess I am too fussy about the details.
  12. Kells has a good eye! I did not notice the arch below the pediment of the window. The ones I installed from RGT did not have that arch.
  13. This is a beautiful house. The windows look like they are from the RGT site. I ordered them for the Lilliput Appleblossom that I rehabbed. They were easy to install, so if you have to replace any, you can probably find them there.
  14. What a transformation! I'm sure the house is so much happier now with all the love you have poured into it.
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