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  1. I built this house in 1:12 (still not finished). I know the stairs took me at least 2 tries. I ended up changing the railing because I did not like them. That said, I find stairs to be very difficult and try to eliminate them when possible, plus they take up valuable space.
  2. amyole

    boat angel.jpg

    Love the sunglasses tucked in her shirt and the slight flare pants. So stinkin' adorable.
  3. Your brick work is amazing!
  4. Santa brought me a RGT Lighthouse! I have been looking at lobster traps and thinking how I could make one. The wooden part seems easy, but what could I use/make for the chicken wire? Also, does anyone have suggestions for what to use for fish netting (nets)? Thanks in advance.
  5. I kept waiting to see where the winged armchair in the promo picture came from. Did I miss it? I think I would have been gaga to be in a RL house that I had decorated in miniature.
  6. Welcome to the forum, Sonya. This is a great place to get inspiration and ask questions. I have made mistakes, too, and the best thing is figuring out how to fix them. In fact, I have problems with everything I make since I can't draw or cut a straight line if my life depended on it! It's wonderful that you have a granddaughter to share your love of miniatures. Enjoy!
  7. Welcome, Natasha. This hobby is a great way to lift one's spirits and the forum is full of inspiration. Enjoy!
  8. I liked the winners' book-house. I did think it was really strange to make the food edible. What was the point? You'd have to keep baking new food all the time. I agree that the set designers' project was too ambitious to be completed, though I really liked their back story. The fireplace in the interior designers' house using the marble was too chunky looking for the scale and, while I liked that someone was using wallpaper, I could not appreciate their choices. Like last week with the water feature challenge, amazingly enough there was an ideal spot in their houses for a fireplace chall
  9. I also watched last night and agree with the previous observations. I had just said to DH that I did not know how the glue and paint would have time to dry in 12 hours when I saw they were all using hot glue and little to no painting done. The mother/daughter team got knocked down for the strings of hot glue. I thought the same thing about the books - they must have been made at home, just too many of them. The winning team had amazing details in the bar area. Everyone got dinged for being a little out of scale. The "ridiculous" person is a designer who has had her own shows. They said she wa
  10. As others have stated, this inspire people to try this hobby aka addiction. One drawback may be that people think it is a quick process and they can build/complete a big dh in a few weeks. Although I do get a lot of immediate gratification, it is not because what I do is completed quickly (it might just be that the paint looks good once it finally dried).
  11. I usually use modgepodge. You could also try clear nail polish.
  12. amyole

    Window box

    This is beautiful.
  13. amyole

    Garden details

    I love the door knocker!
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