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  1. sylvaniums are the older calico critters but they are two small. I want something that is taller with a truly human body but with animal head, hand feet. I know I ask alot. I am looking everywhere in the hopes somebody makes something similar.
  2. I am making headway with the Allison Jr rehab thanks to everything I have learned reading the forums here, but I really need advice or help. My daughter is not a doll girl, she uses her animals like most girls use barbies. So I am trying to find animals to be the residents of her house. I though of the old sylvanian but they are way to small for the house. Does anyone have any pointers for where I can begin this search? Christmas is getting closer and I want to make the residents wardrobes that Victoria can dress. Thank you.
  3. I told dh all I want for my birthday is a dremel. He just gave the blank stare of woman want power tool I am confused, lol.
  4. I was out hitting the garage sales yesterday and found the cutest coke a cola wooden box and miniature garden tools. The lady had owned a craft store years ago and was selling her back stock. At 50 cents a piece it was a great find and even better they were from Mangelsens which is in my home town of Omaha.
  5. I am hooked my 10 year old son and I wandered through Michael's and came up with a ton of "ideas" for what to do in this house and what we want in the next one. And I found a miniature mitered saw for cutting small wood work, I will buy that when I am in Omaha next week. And while there we will be combing the thrift stores and craigstlist for new dh's to bring home. LOL
  6. These are all such great ideas, and with my room of fabric I may play with that too. I think I will need another dh soon, to try out all these ideas.
  7. Thanks everybody, I am going paper hunting today. It is so fun to watch this dh come to life.
  8. I was browsing dh supply web sites and saw one that said the wall paper could be used as scrapbooking paper. So this got me to thinking and can I use scrapbooking or other acid free deocrated paper to cover the walls? I know a pattern I love that I saw at Michael's, and if I can use it how is best to apply it? thanks martha
  9. My name is Martha and I live aboard Fort Drum, NY with my husband and three kids and various animals. As a little girl I always wanted the grand dollhouse, yes Queen Mary's was my ideal, but my other interest of historical costume sewing became my passions. Now as a mom I wanted to give my daughter the dream dollhouse I always wanted. As a military family with all our moving I have hesitated to buy a kit in fear of it being broken, then last Tuesday it all came together so to speak. Someone had thrown out a huge dollhouse, I stopped my car and asked if I could take it. So I now have a Allison Jr. dollhouse that is not in very good shape, actually it was in pieces, but I have begun the rehab on it and am so excited to find a community of enthusiast. I look forward to learning and sharing with everyone here.
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