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  1. AGGIE2008

    Fairfield finished

    Beautiful Job, I hope to try half scale someday.
  2. This is beautiful, I have done one for my kitchen, and I have a larger one to do for the livingroom but have not gotten to it yet, nice work!
  3. How cool! I love this pattern and idea!
  4. AGGIE2008


    Beautiful, I love the blue white transfer ware!
  5. AGGIE2008

    1st Floor Foyer

    Love you DH, Amazing carpet on the stairs, did you make or purchase it???
  6. AGGIE2008


    I Just think it is fabulous!!!!!!!!!! Where ever did you find that chandeliar?
  7. AGGIE2008


    Beautiful color choice, I love this house, wish I had room to build one!
  8. AGGIE2008


    I love the wallpaper panels, I tried to get it but they did not have enought to supply me with the wall panels and ceiling. I love it, wonderful job!
  9. I love your work, where do you get your patterns. I have to rely on flea markets and antique shops for such things.
  10. AGGIE2008

    braided rug

    I love this rug, I have wanted to make one for such a long time. Did you use Embordery floss for this project? I want to make a big round one for the kitchen. Did you sew it with thread to put it together. Thank you for any all imformation so I can tackel this long awaited project!
  11. I have two Newports, I love what you are doing with the front porch, it will look great!
  12. Did you make the pattern up yourself? I just finished a cross stitch rug last week, alot of work goes into these tiny things. Are you going to fringe the ends or sew a backing on it? Nice work!
  13. How wonderful, I love it, Do tell me, I have a kit to make a dollshouse dollhouse, is it very hard to do? I am afraid to take it out of the kit. Thank you! Cheryl
  14. AGGIE2008

    Garfield side

    Jo, what a wonderful DH, I love the color selection and the landscape detail. I wish I had more time to work on my DH's You are doing a fabulous job!
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