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  1. I to am building the Fairfield and having a few problems. I can't find half inch brick for the fire places. Any suggestions on what to do? I have purchased one of the sheets of brick, but that wasn't working. I had a problem cutting it. I would appricate any help on this!! Thanks, Tracy
  2. What number windows and doors from houseworks work with the Westville?
  3. tae510@charter.net I am wanting to install the upgrade windows for the Fairfield. Of course the one's specified (5042) are costly. Is it possible to use the 5032 or 5003 (these are available on miniatures.com and also in there catalog). Any and all suggestions are welcome, as I am having a hard time with this house. I have not been satisfied with my choice of colors or wallpaper and am in the process of redoing them along with other things. If you could also e-mail me as I don't remember to get back here often. tae510@charter.net Thanks, Tracy
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