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  1. Thanks so much Tracy :-) I used a kit and laid each piece of those floors. It was a lot of work but worth it I think.
  2. Thanks Holly! All of the drapes in this house were custom made for me by Linda Wooten of wootensminiatures. You can find her items on ebay and on etsy and she will customize for any size or color you need. I LOVE them and think that it adds so much to the room. I've tried to make them myself and they never come out as nice as Linda's :-)
  3. Hi Kathie! Thanks for the note. This is not a replica of a real house (that I know of), and the story behind the mystery will be continued! I thought of doing a blog with installments of the story, like a soap opera or continuing story....so stay tuned to see what transpires in the Mansion! It seems that it will be centered around the fact that, right now anyway, there is only one man and at least 4 women in the house. That should lead to some interesting story lines I imagine :-)
  4. I just wanted to share a video I did of my Beaumount Mansion. I adopted this house from an older lady that didn't have room for it anymore. It was just the shell for the most part, so I was able to redo the entire inside and I'm almost done with most of it.
  5. WandaPA

    Tudor Cabinet

    Thank you for the nice comments! and that's acutally a rug that looks like a tapestry that is hanging on the wall in the top right.
  6. WandaPA

    Cabinet dollhouse

    I like to try different ways to do dollhouse rooms and this one is for my own living room! Still in progress, but I'm getting there.
  7. WandaPA

    Master bedroom

    Hi Lucille and thanks for the lovely comments! No I didn't make the dress, I bought a doll that had it on and carefully removed it for hanging.
  8. Thanks everyone for your comments! I feel very lucky. I saw this on eBay (already built, as pictured, the owner built it 10 years ago) and I sent a message saying that if she didn't sell it I would make an offer and pick it up since she only lived a few towns away. Well I picked it up today and she gave me everything! All the furniture, rugs, accessories and some of it is really cool older stuff. When I got home it really did feel like Christmas. I told her it was going to a loving and attentive home and that I'd take really good care of it. I've already started on it and I have a feeling I won't be getting anything else done around here for a while :-)
  9. Thank you both. I knew I would get an answer within a few minutes! I just looked it up and it is the Beaumont. Perfect.....Christmas in July!!!
  10. I got it on eBay and I love it. I just wish I knew what it was. Thanks in advance to anyone that has any idea :-)
  11. Jody - good point! I also noticed that bubble in the wallpaper and I agree with you that for that price you would not expect to see that.
  12. I agree Monica because I personally don't know a single person on my part of this planet that can afford to spend that much money on a little bitty dollhouse! :thumb:
  13. Dawn you can have it for only $6.500.00 !! I wonder how the artist calculated the selling price?
  14. Take a look at this....especially for those smaller scale fans. It's about 8" tall. This online store is very tempting but a little on the expensive side....ah well :-) http://swanhouseminiatures.com/store/index...oducts_id=13867
  15. WandaPA

    Cabinet dollhouse

    Thanks everyone! I did the floor with tiles and grout that were purchased. It took a while with the grout, but I think it was worth it. The walls are just spackel and then painted.
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