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  1. Thank You! Would be so much fun to make a "Little House"
  2. Wow! This is so amazing!!! This looks just like the show. I can hear Pa's fiddle now... This is my favorite show of all time!!! Where did you get these plans? This is so great! You've made my day!
  3. This is brilliantly creative! I love steampunk!
  4. eyelee

    Table candle

    All I have to say is INCREDIBLE!!! Well, I'll also say that I love everything about your cottage. You have inspired me!
  5. eyelee


    She's so cute!
  6. eyelee


    This is amazing! I absolutely love your mouse cottage!
  7. eyelee

    Interior finished!

    You've done a spectacular job! I just adore looking at your house. The detail is so incredible! I can imagine all the work that went into your Beacon Hill. It looks like great fun!
  8. eyelee

    Artist's Boathouse close-up

    Some close-ups of my boathouse. Please check out my Artist's Boathouse album for more photos.
  9. eyelee

    Artist's Boathouse

    This is my Spring Fling '10 entry. It is a fantasy dream house where an artist lives on a beautiful lake and rows to wherever she needs to go. It is meant to be a place full of happiness! She has a place for her boat, a kitchen, studio, veranda, bedroom and rooftop lookout. A dock welcomes visitors. I used Paperclay to create all of the brick, stucco, tile work, and wall treatments. As you can see, I added on to the original kit as well. Most of the items in the house I either built, painted and/or altered in some way to keep within the overall feel of the piece. The decorative designs on my house are meant to reflect the beauty of the sun, water and life itself as seen in the suns around the windows and door frame, the fish and wave graphics, the tree of life motifs and the meandering vines. The water was created by painting on paperclay covered styrofoam and then adding self- leveling gloss gel medium and spreading it to look like water. Look closely, you may find something familiar from last year's fling! I hope my house brings a smile to your face.
  10. I use a tool made for working with clay. It is very similar to your idea of a dowel with a wire on it. In fact, I think they are called wire end clay tools. Mine has a curved loop on one of the ends and also a more flat edged loop on the other end. I find I just need to press the tool in and then lift. I have also tried a stylus but I was having a problem with the digging and dragging the clay as well. You should be able to find one or a set of them in a craft store like Michael's. Good luck and have fun! I love paperclay!!!! Eily
  11. eyelee


    It's looking so lovely! Beautiful! Eily
  12. eyelee


    These windows are gorgeous! Where did you get the stained glass pictures?
  13. I like the size of the saloon as it is as well. I think preserving the trim work of the balcony and porch is a good idea also. The thing that bothers me the most about the saloon is the two little windows on either side of the door. If you put in two large windows there instead and possibly a transom type window over the door it may take up some of that space which is making it seem so big. Have fun with the project! Eily
  14. It's looking amazing! Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together! It's going to be so fabulous! Please keep the pictures coming! I'll be starting mine soon, so this is a big help to see yours in progress! Eily
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