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  1. monica69


    They are from minimi`s a swedish online store I highly reccomend:D
  2. monica69


    It looks so nice:) Love the colors.
  3. It looks so great!! I see that me and my lollipopsticks have a long way to go yet:)
  4. monica69

    EUROPE 055.JPG

    The bakery looks wonderful!! I am so impressed. How nice that you can share this wonderful hobby
  5. monica69


    Hi! Yes she is one of Beckies girls. I was lucky and got two on Ebay. They are even cuter "live" than in the pictures. In the house they share a bedroom just like me and my sisters when we were little. ^_^
  6. monica69


    The washbasin is from Bodo Hennng.
  7. Today I have tried lights for the first time, Very simple solution, but it WORKED. Very excited about it. <_<
  8. Thanks for all the nice welcomes! I look forward to contributing more in the forum now that I`ve worked out how
  9. monica69


    What an exciting start I am so happy to see that other people use the same sticks! I thought i was the only one..
  10. Hi Jo! On the one hand I am so sorry for your troubles. But the discussion here made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of the chair. I hope you get rid of the bugs/worms fast and easy though....
  11. Congratulations! What an exciting project. I am looking forward to see your progress
  12. monica69

    Poster wall

    Both me and Rikke loves this room. You have really succeeded! Some of her friends are goth girls She thinks they would love to move in.
  13. It looks wonderful! You have somehow managed to make bespaq furniture look cosy
  14. monica69


    I love this house sooo much. I think a lady here in Norway is building something very similar. I can give you a lonk if you are interested.
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