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  1. cjme63


    Amazing, Jo!! You must have had a blast putting this together - and such a huge collection of details! What a great story! Your dolls are great too. Cynthia
  2. Thanks so much for your comments! Cynthia
  3. cjme63

    The Roof is Done!

    Finally got the shingles done on my Beacon Hill - what a chore. It's worth the trouble, though, and now it's really looking close to finished.
  4. You've been busy! It' all looks great, Wendy! I especially love your wicker pieces. Cynthia
  5. cjme63


    Looks great! I like the blue rug with the touch of red. Cynthia
  6. Wow!! Jo, I've been waiting (im)patiently for an update on your house! It's magnificent! I love the deck and the hottub and the conservatory - amazing! Gran and Gramps are soooo spoiled. :-) I wanted a conservatory but gave up that dream due to lack of space. Maybe next time. It all looks great - keep up the good work! Cynthia
  7. cjme63

    beacon dining front

    The colors in this room and the ceiling are beautiful!
  8. Congratulations - this is very impressive!!
  9. cjme63

    Balcony Railing Done

    The railing was fun to do! I dabbed the black railings with some gray paint and I think it looks more like metal now and less like plastic. Once I saw these pictures I did a bit of straightening out of the posts as I could see it was somewhat wobbly. Hope it's better tomorrow when I pull the tape off.
  10. Your floors are looking great!! I used similar tiles in my Beacon Hill but stuck them close together without grout. You can see the spaces in close-ups so I'm thinking maybe I should reconsider...what did you use for grout? Great job! Cynthia
  11. cjme63

    stove 016a.jpg

    This stove looks fantastic! Especially built in like you did. Great job - now you have something both unique and authentic looking. Cynthia
  12. cjme63

    cherry pie.JPG

    Mmmm, my favorite - can I have a piece when it's done? Looks great!
  13. Too cool!! Gotta love those woodsies, eh? Brae, you're not only a miniaturist, but an interior decorator as well! Cynthia
  14. cjme63

    IMG_2877 [50%].JPG

    Thanks sooooo much for all your comments! I'm flattered....but you all have been my inspiration. If you're ever so inclined, check out my blog at http://cynmini.blogspot.com/ Cynthia
  15. Sooooo pretty! That purple looks good enough to eat!
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