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    Miniatures and doll houses, fiber arts: spinning, weaving, crocheting, knitting, counted cross stitch, needlepoint, embroidery, etc. Eating and cooking, in that order. I love to get my hands dirty either with a project or in the garden. In my other life I was a geologist with a specialization in paleontology, but I've literally moved away from that.

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  1. My youngest cat, Confetti, crossed the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. (She's the one in my avatar pic.) We it was coming, but it doesn't make things any easier. Thanks to Starfire, I'll be able to start work on a mini Bridge once I can see past the tears. It will be an important chunk of my healing process. I will be on even less frequently than I am now for a while. See you all soon.
  2. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the Roz Weitzman's Rainbow Bridge project in the January 2000 Dollhouse Miniature magazine? Or know if the artist is around and doesn't mind email or letters asking about the project? I have Part 1 from the December 1999 issue, but I'm trying to figure out how to build the bridge itself. For that matter, did the project end with Part 2, or was there a third installment? Any help/direction will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. I agree with the cold water, and woolite (or irovy flakes) totally, but for drying I would actually suggest putting together a frame to re-block the piece IF it's original shape doesn't come back after laying it flat to dry. It would be a pain in the neck if you don't usually knit/crochet, but perhaps someone at a local yarn shop would know someone willing to help if it does need re-blocking.
  4. "But what do you do with them?" "Oh that would make a neat porch decoration." "Don't you have anything better to do?" Those are some of my favorites. My replies were tailored to each person and situation, and most of them contained an explicative in a sweet, little voice. I will spare you the naughty bits. Another one, "Aren't you a little old to be playing with dolls?" My answer is generally, "I'm younger than you."
  5. My "big dollhouse" is home to a single mother and 10-year old daughter. They don't exist yet, but that's who I picture there. My trading post (2009's Spring Fling building) is home to a Najavo man in his mid-30's. He inherited the shop form his great-aunt and lives in the upstairs room. Nobody lives in the witch and wizard department store, which is good since I haven't started messing with it yet. I have plans to modify an Orchid kit and a witch named Esmeralda and her apprentice, Madeline, will be living there. Current Maddy is hanging out at an outdoor cafe' as I haven't started that build. My haunted San Fran will be home to a stunning lady ghost who is playing hostess to a haunted house party. I think that's all the actual buildings.... I think.
  6. I am a bibliophile. History, philosophy, sci-fi/fantasy, how-tos, science, you name it I love to read it. Any shade of purple is fantastic, but I have a secret love affair with aqua. I love my fur babies: 2 rabbits, 2 mice, and 3 (sadly soon to be 2) cats. My husband is my best friend, biggest support, and most constructive critic. Any kind of fiber/textile art can be found in my sewing room. I don't tat yet and there are other embroidery techniques I'm dying to learn. Currently there is a large cross stitch and a small wall quilt in the works. Classic cars and trucks hold a special place in my heart because I'm a closet gear-head. For my sweet 16 my father bought me Craftsman tools. I love the desert and hate the beach. I'm a great-aunt... but not even 31 yet.
  7. My husband and I have matching nightstands that hold 10-gallon fish tanks inside them. Only the front of the tank is visible and there is enough clearance inside to mount a light bar. The scene in his tank is a hunting cabin, which isn't finished yet. The scene in my tank will be a living room filled with minis (lots of 1:144 for this one because I must be insane), with a work table overlooking a garden view. One of these centuries I will have one of them done and can post pics. If anyone wants to know more about them/see a picture of the empty furniture, let me know.
  8. After a failed attempt at a blood draw this morning I bummed around with a girl-friend, bought some fabric, ran some laundry, and started to work on a quilted project. Then I ran short a single fat quarter and have to hold off until I have the car and can pick one up. Tonight is my stitcher's guild counted thread (cross stitch) interest group meeting. Tomorrow I will hopefully be back on track with the quilted stuff, otherwise I think I will try sitting still long enough to work on a 1:12 scale baby baby I've been trying to crochet for a year or so. Of course that depends on how our cat with heart failure is feeling. She's been "iffy" today since I've been home and I'm not too thrilled.
  9. I think mine got side-tracked with ideas and projects for the real house and has seen something else shiny and wandered off. Perhaps we should try for a muse "round up" and see who can spot theirs in the crowd?
  10. They are members of the household, with their own needs, wants, and personalities. Generally he cats and rabbits get their way, while the mice just do their own thing inside their cage.
  11. I'm watching plants for that the previous home owner put in before she sold us this house. All kinds of interesting gems are popping up everywhere and it's a surprise every time. Soon I will know where the empty places are and I can fill in the gaps. Weeding is "interesting" right now since I'm not sure what is what, but there are a few things I can recognize as being invasive like thistles and baby trees.
  12. We put anything but cast iron in our new dishwasher and everything comes out fine. I've never heard of pots that have to be washed by hand, but now I will be on the look out so I can avoid them. There are better things to do in life that wash dishes by hand.
  13. The first one is quite eye-catching. The second is nice, but not nearly as striking. I would go with the first one.
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