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  1. Thanks for your comments!!! Now I'm dedicated to improve mini shoes. Meli http://casitasdemeli.blogspot.com
  2. Havanaholly, Love the wording at your signature... that's what I would like to do...tired of so much work!!! Have a nice week Hugs Meli
  3. Thanks you are so kind!!! yes I have more photos of the house, front side, corner, kitchen, bathroom, etc. they are all in the my blog. Once I have the house finished I will put all the photos together in the blog! Hugs Meli
  4. I posted a photo of how it looks by now my Brookwood DH. I think is nearly finish. Have a nice week. Hugs Meli http://casitasdemeli.blogspot.com
  5. Holly, you are more than welcomo to have your holidays in the Mediterranean DH. But, please wait until the rains go away!!! It's pouring!! Never seen so much rain here!!! Hugs Mel http://casitasdemeli.blogspot.com
  6. Hi, Just finished the sewing room of the Brookwood!!! Had no idea what to do with the attic, so I a sewing room could be fine there. I love sewing so I wish I could have one 1:1 size. Hugs, Meli http://casitasdemeli.blogspot.com
  7. Wow!!! The beachy Brookwood is lovely and with an extra room. With the standard one that I just built I had enough, it wasn't to easy for me!! Looking forward to seeing this version!! Meli http://casitasdemeli.blogspot.com
  8. Thanks everybody for their nice words, specially if it comes from artist like you all!!! Warm regards, Meli http://casitasdemeli.blogspot.com
  9. Muchas gracias por tus comentarios!!! Qué alegría!!! Lets see, I used the knitting needle number 1 (the narrowest in Spain and used baby wool, the thinner I found. Hope I have answered your questions. Thanks and hugs Meli http://casitasdemeli.blogstpo.com
  10. These are the first baby knitted shoes that I made, It took me a couple of times to get the right mini size. Hope you like them: Hugs Meli http://casitasdemeli.blogspot.com
  11. Thanks to everybody for their help and excellent ideas. It's so good to count on friends. But, a friend of mine, made me a super modern irorning board. It's on my blog!! have a nice week-end Warms regards, Meli http://casitasdemeli.blogspot.com
  12. Hi!!! Just finished with the sun room. I'm having a lot of fun with this house. It took time to get it but now its one of my favorite. Don't know if I showed it, but I also have the Mediterranean... a true Spanish style house: http://casitasdemeli.blogspot.com/search/l...an%20Dollshouse I hope not to bore you with this!! Have a nice week, Meli
  13. Does anyone knows where I can get a modern dollhouse ironing board??? I have the sewing machine and the iron (modern), but no way to find the board. I would appreciate your help. Hugs Meli http://casitasdemeli.blogspot.com
  14. Thanks for the comments!! No the kitchen furniture is bought. I will try to explain the difference between the Spanis and Portuguese Water Dog, after talking with my sister who breeds Spanish Water Dogs. Meli http://casitasdemeli.blogspot.com
  15. Just finished to Brookwood kitchen. The photos are not to good, or too dark or too light. I believe that is all done by now as I have to move to another room of the house. Have a nice week!!! Hugs Meli http://casitasdemeli.blogspot.com
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