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  1. This kit belonged to a miniaturist in OR who died, and her daughter was selling off her miniatures. The kit was opened when I got it in the "lot". I got the instruction booklet from another Greenleafer, and went through the box last night, checking all the pieces against the listing. It is not complete. If anyone wants this kit - it's yours for no cost but shipping. The big sheets of wood that the pieces came in are still there, so one could trace the correct shape and size onto another piece of wood and make the missing parts. OR: there is a form to fill out for ordering missing parts, but since Dura-Craft is out of business, I'm not sure if this is still an option. Please PM me if you're interested. I may just have to throw it away, as I have no interest in building it myself.
  2. I got the instruction booklet from Christine - and went through the whole box last night. It looks like there are several things missing from the kit. For the larger pieces, the original sheet-framing (that it was punched out of) is there so one could trace the size and shape onto other wood. QUESTION: Does anyone want this kit? No charge, except the shipping, and I have no idea what that would be. I don't want to tackle it, but someone who has built one before might like to have fun with it.
  3. Looks like I'm too late! If Donna doesn't take it let me know!
  4. I will add a resounding YES! I have had one for at least 20 years, use it regularly, and am planning to get a second one. PS: Shop at MicroMark. They have been supporting the miniature industry for years. They have so many wonderful tools!
  5. What you DO NOT want to use is that Mounting Tape! It sticks well at first, but over time it releases and the pictures fall off the wall! When I was building my miniature museum I hung some small things on the walls - very light, very small - and it looked great at first. After about 6 months I found the items on the floor.
  6. I have made a lot of picture frames using the wood trim made to go around windows and/or doors. Just miter the corners and glue them together - makes great picture frames.
  7. Thank you, Patti. I think I'll take Christine's offer of the whole booklet - save you the trouble of scanning it all.
  8. Thank you, Christine. Yes, I forgot to say it was the NB-180. If it's a whole booklet that might be easier than scanning it. I will send you my address in a PM. Any chance you're going to the Everett Home and Gift Show this weekend? I will be working there.
  9. I purchased a "bulk lot" from a lady in Oregon, whose mother was a miniaturist and had died. The daughter didn't really know what to do with any of the stuff, and it was not selling in her garage sale. (imagine that!) So I just gave her a flat price for the whole kit and kaboodle - which filled my Buick to the ceiling! Among the "treasures" is a Dura-Craft Newberg kit. Unfortunately, it looks like Momma had started to prepare to commence building it! There are no instructions, no parts list - but lots of dust and spiders! I have cleaned it all up and put the parts back in the box. Does anyone have the instructions and/or parts list for this house? I have no intention of building it, but hate to offer it to anyone without a little information for it. There was a second house kit, also opened, but it was a Greenleaf Haunted House and they emailed me the paperwork for it. My mother helped me this afternoon and I went through the WHOLE kit and discovered it is complete. Whew! Any help would be appreciated.
  10. That is such a horrible thing to do! I hope this little guy finds his way back home again!
  11. Well, I am Jenny-come-lately on this thread, and have been reading it with bated breath. So thankful your SIL is recovering from this horrible accident. I will keep her in my prayers as she fights her way back to good health and strength. Praying for your extended family also; even though you're not actually in the accident it affects all the loved ones deeply. When I work the County Fair season here in WA I lose touch with my Greenleaf family because I can't get this on my cellphone. I'm just now catching up with the news.
  12. CheckMouse

    Grapeview Bed & Breakfast

    This kit was designed to be a Victorian store, but it really preferred being a Bed and Breakfast. I added a ground floor inside stairway, with did not come with the kit. The outside stairway goes to the owners' bedroom. I also added the daylight basement.
  13. Karin, please extend my condolences to Monica. I am just now reading this thread, and the devastation is just horrible. I'm glad she got out safely, but what heartache to lose so much. My cousin is in the area also, and so far has not had to evacuate. It is coming very close, and they are packed and ready, but not out the door yet.
  14. I, too, am getting hooked on the quarter scale! It gives more room for detail than the micro (1:144) scale, but doesn't take up so much display space when finished. My little B&B was the first one I've done in that scale - but there will be more for sure!
  15. Yes, the dining room set was a kit. It's laser-cut and very intricate Victorian styling. It's one of the Hart's Desire kits, and I don't know if she makes things in 1:12 scale. Most of it is in the smaller scales.
  16. I've been busy with the County Fair season again. Tomorrow I start the one in Bremerton, which is the fourth one this month. Have a few days off and then the granddaddy of them all - the Washington State Fair in Puyallup - begins. I'll be working for two companies again this year, so will have very little time off. My knee is still giving me trouble, since my stumble (I did NOT fall!) in May. But I'm off the walker and can get along with a cane now. Much easier at work! Looking at knee replacement surgery sometime in the near future. Have to work through the Fair season though - that's the best money-maker of the year, with the 12-13 hour days. Planning to do the Portland Miniature Show October 1st - then I can slow down. I think building another dollhouse would be good therapy for a healing knee!
  17. Thank you. The landscaping evolved because I didn't want to mess with windows or doors in the basement!
  18. Thank you, one and all! This is my first build in the 1:48 scale - and I do believe I like it! However, I soon realized I had ZILCH in extra supplies! No stash in this scale! I made most of the furniture. And this is equivalent to the O-gauge trains. Hmmm ... could be some fun in that!
  19. I'm in the County Fair Season again - starting #4 for this month on Wednesday. I finally finished the Grapeview Bed and Breakfast, took pictures last Wednesday the morning, packed my bag, left town and worked through yesterday in Port Angeles. So proud of DH for finding the perfect spot for the photo shoot - outdoors by our gorgeous cedar trees! He took our recycle bin out there, leveled it and covered it, and it was perfect! Then, two days after I left town, he took it to the Hobby Hall at the State Fairgrounds and submitted it for me. All by himself! So proud of him! Here she is ... There are few more pix in my gallery.
  20. From the album: Grapeview Bed & Breakfast

    All done!

    © CheckMouseMiniatures

  21. From the album: Grapeview Bed & Breakfast

    All done!

    © CheckMouseMiniatures

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