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  1. This is our Christmas display this year! The tree and presents are all in miniature!
  2. From the album: Spring Fling 2010

    This resort is open all year long, and is now ready for the winter guests!

    © checkmouse

  3. From the album: Spring Fling 2010

    This resort is open all year long, and is now ready for the winter guests!

    © checkmouse

  4. Appreciate the update. Let her know we are all rooting for her!
  5. Do you want only 1:12 scale? My recent Bed & Breakfast was designed to be a store, with living quarters upstairs. Ground floor is all one room; family quarters upstairs are accessed by an outside stairway. . But it is quarter-scale, 1:48.
  6. Thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten about it.
  7. I think I have to have one!
  8. We had some excitement this afternoon - our own Reality TV Show! There was a fender-bender accident right in front of our house! The school bus stopped - a large truck stopped - an SUV did not stop; he hit the back of the truck. No one hurt, no serious damage to either vehicle, but it took almost two hours to clear it all away. A County Police car, the Sheriff's car, the Fire Department's ambulance, and a State Patrol car all showed up and parked in or near our driveway. We NEVER see a State Patrol car on our little road, but he was in the area and heard the call, so he came. And, being the big STATE PATROL, he took the opportunity to do a DOT inspection on the truck and be sure all was in order there. DH went out to see what was going on (and gave the cops permission to use our huge driveway) and I stayed inside and took pictures! Turns out the SUV driver didn't have a valid license, nor insurance, and was distracted so he didn't notice the truck had stopped. Oops! He called his wife and she showed up, grandson in tow, and had the papers for the car which were all in her name. By the time the truck and the officials left, the couple was stranded at our place with two cars and one driver. DH drove the SUV and the man home, followed by the wife and grandson in her car, followed by me in my car to bring DH home again! Quite the caravan - but only 2 miles down the road. Along the way the man explained a few things. He almost never drove, but they had arranged for Grandma to take the boy one direction, while Grandpa took the aging family dog to the animal hospital, to be put to his final sleep. They didn't want the boy to know what was going on. Which is why Grandpa was distracted. I don't know what their bill would amount to from the cops, but they had a pretty rough day. Glad DH and I could help a little bit. All the elements of a good Reality Show! Who needs cable??
  9. Just have to add a story from my SIL. A few years ago she moved into a new apartment (alone) and it had a nice big bathtub. She thought, "I haven't had a nice tub bath for years! I'm going to indulge!" So she did. Had a nice soaking bath, then it was time to get out - but she couldn't! No matter how hard she tried she just could not get up and out of that tub! She had her cellphone in the bathroom with her, but it was out of reach of the tub, over on the rug by the sink. So for about 20 minutes or longer, she flipped - and flipped - her bath towel, trying to hook the phone. She finally got it to budge a little closer and could reach it. Then she called 911. She was so embarrassed, especially when two young hunks came to lift her out! She's never had a tub bath since!
  10. That's all I do. Sometimes as I'm browsing I add something to the Watch List just so I can find it again! Helps with comparing prices, also.
  11. It's going to a good home on Monday. :)
  12. Tonight I fixed chicken, drizzled with a Garlic Parmesan sauce and baked in the oven; with mashed potatoes and gravy, and a side of chopped broccoli. And an Oreo cookie for dessert!
  13. Ahem! Try my website - which is below my signature. I don't have the Beacon Hill, but I do have several styles of the 1:144 houses.
  14. Eli, here is the link to my album here on Greenleaf, showing the Miniature Museum. Had lots of fun with it! Miniature Museum
  15. I asked DH to raise a shelf in the master bedroom closet right after we moved into our BRAND NEW house a few years back. I wanted two hanging racks on one wall for shirts and jackets. No problem - just remove one shelf and reposition it higher on the wall. As the air turned blue I went in to see what was wrong. Turns out the closet walls were not square! He was having a terrible time making the shelf fit at the higher level! And this was a new house!
  16. I do, too, and I often put some pressure on it to hold it tight. I can't quite picture using a flat, and raised, surface for that. I did improvise by using a metal square for glueing a corner, but the regular jig is much better. This is the one I'm looking at and will plan on getting it before I build another 1:48 house. Glueing Jig
  17. Never! Why would she even want to get rid of it? All that history, all that love, and she's just selling it?
  18. I have one of those third hands also. Very convenient. There are times when nothing else will do! I am planning to buy a second gluing jig - one that is open-ended. When working on my 1:48 house, I wanted to use the jig for gluing the corners, but the rest of the wall was too big to fit inside the 4-sided jig. The one I'm looking at is 10.5" X 7.5" and is only 2-sided, so larger things could hang off the edge.
  19. I didn't know about Michael's discount, but I don't shop there very often. Too far away for me. I don't think HBS does, but they have frequent sales and discounts throughout the year.
  20. Large pieces - base, side walls I think. Stairway is all there, and some smaller pieces. But the larger pieces could be traced off from the remains of the original "sheet" (that the parts are in).
  21. Here's a picture (I hope) ... Newberg manual
  22. I made a home-built one for my micro-minis - only 3"x5" - designed for my Minis-On-The-Go kit. I started with a plastic picture/document frame. However, after using it for awhile I have discovered that it is not as precise and perfect as my larger metal one from MicroMark. I have started using Legos to help square it up inside the frame. My recommendation would be to put out the money for the good one and don't waste time and money on a simpler one. Minis have to be exact. In RL if something is off by a silly-millimeter no one notices. In miniatures, that silly-millimeter isn't so silly anymore - it can ruin the whole thing!
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