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  1. I have two 1:18 scale cars, and as mentioned above, if you're not trying to put people in them, they are okay. But I have another one, which is actually a sculpture made by an artist in Seattle. He is retired now, but he was at the Seattle Home Show for years. Gorgeous work. But he also made smaller things and I just HAD to have one of his cars! After I got it home I discovered that my Caco Doll family will just fit inside! The two kids are in the back, Dad's driving, and Mom's in the passenger seat!
  2. Connie has been totally devastated by all of this. Her last post said she can't stop crying. Shehas insurance to deal with, and consignees, and the clean up - it's all been overwhelming. Fortunately, the fire was stopped before the building burned to the ground. Everything upstairs was pretty well ruined (some antique dolls melting into one big mess) but quite a bit downstairs can be cleaned up and salvaged. I had a crazy idea flit through my head - several people have made miniatures of disasters - one was a meth house, one was a house after a tornado - and I'm sure there were others. Someone might get inspired to do a mini fire disaster and use some of the fire-damaged mini furniture.
  3. Welcome, Jonathan, from another Washingtonian. So glad you are finally able to indulge in your love of dollhouses. This hobby can be very therapeutic, also.
  4. Welcome, Bill. You are starting off on a wonderful adventure! And your sister will be delighted!
  5. CheckMouse


    That is so pretty!
  6. I have used Paperclay on a wood house. I refurbished an antique dollhouse that had no finish at all on the back, just plain bare wood with paint runs and scratches. I used the Paperclay, which does not have to be baked, and put down a good base of glue first, then applied the clay, making a rough-stone finish. After it is dry, it is easy to paint.
  7. Glad you were able to catch the kids, Kelly! That's an interesting website you shared. Hadn't seen that before.
  8. I am now using a cane, Holly, and the thought did occur to me - after the fact! But I didn't really see it happen. I was in the express lane, with only a few items, so was busy doing the credit card thing - focusing on hitting the right buttons (and not accidently donating a whole bunch of money to the current charity!). The clerk, being on the other side of the counter, saw what she did. At least it was just food - which hopefully gave her some nourishment. Not cash, that could have been used for drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes.
  9. Had an interesting experience at the grocery store the other day...I was heading north for the working-weekend, and wanted some lunch to eat along the way. No time to stop - didn't want fast food, so I decided to get some baked chicken pieces from our in-store deli. At the checkout stand I waited for the woman ahead of me to finish her purchases and move to the end of the counter. As the clerk rang up mine, the chicken package was the first thing through. (Piping hot and smelling wonderful!) The woman stopped, picked up my chicken, and kept walking. The clerk hollered at her to stop, that was not her package - but she kept going. He couldn't leave his station, so he called to one of the men bagging at the next counter to catch her. But he didn't see which one to follow, and the woman disappeared out the door - with my lunch! We were all just stunned! The clerk then went back to the deli with me and made sure I got the order replaced, free of charge, of course! Maybe the woman was desperate and needed the food, but I've never experienced anything quite like that!
  10. Thanks for telling us about it, Jeremy. I will be praying for your speedy recovery! So sorry this happened to you, but glad it wasn't an worse! Follow all the doctor's orders and get well quickly!
  11. So little of it was left, that I didn't recognize the residue at first. Then I found a few dangling-drips of it and the light dawned! I took off what I could, but to try to peel it off the strips of trim would have split the wood. I thought of holding it for next year's show, but I think I would just like to move it out. There is a Miniature Show in Portland, with the same Mini Acres, but I'm still traveling to these events in my little Buick so I don't have room for it. Now that I know I don't have to hurry for the show in 2 weeks, I might just take my time and beef it up a bit with more trim to stabilize the railings, and some wood putty to smooth out the tab/slot marks and the mismatched corners. I went to HBS to see the contest entries, and now realize one stair railing is missing. UPDATE: I just went in and took the painter's tape off and it looks like the railings are pretty solid! That's encouraging! There was no way to weight anything to put pressure on the glue, and there was only one railing-top trim that I could clamp so I had my blue painter's tape all over the place! Maybe there is hope for this little baby after all!
  12. I am preparing for the Seattle Miniature Show, coming up in a couple weeks. There is a new feature, called Mini Acres, where people can sell their finished houses. I bought a mixed lot of minis last summer from a lady whose mother had died. The daughter wasn't into miniatures and just wanted to move the stuff out. Among the items was a finished Ernie's Boathouse, from the 14th Creatin' Contest at HBS. It needed cleaning, and some repairs. I finally came to the conclusion that she put it together with hot glue - which has now released its hold! The ceiling/upper deck was completely detached, as were most of the railings. I am using a generous helping of Elmer's glue on everything - I want something that will hold, but won't grip quickly while I work on getting things lined up properly. It's already painted so I don't have to worry about smearing the glue. I had emailed the entry, hoping they still had room, and just found out tonight that there is no more room for the realtors' houses. I guess the hotel is starting to question the number of tables lining the hallway! I don't want to keep it - it just doesn't speak to me, so I'm not sure now how to unload it. I am a perfectionist in my mini work, and this dear lady was more casual in her approach. Any ideas? When I finish the massive regluing job I can post pictures of it. Using Elmer's glue over such big areas I have to let each phase dry overnight before going on to the next one.
  13. So we should all be on this forum for many years to come!
  14. CheckMouse


    I just saw this news and am heartbroken. She will be sorely missed!
  15. I've been going through my list of Wolfie dolls, admiring them all again. They are such treasures to me, and I considered her a dear friend. The world has lost a great artist.
  16. I know I've been away from Greenleaf too long, when I have to log in again with my password, instead of it just opening up! Our daughter and family paid the way for DH to go back to Nebraska for the holidays. Most of his extended family is there, and he hasn't seen them for about 2 years. His sister is in a nursing home and we've been concerned about her. I'm happy he could go, but that has really but a heavy load on me, taking care of Mother by myself. She is in Stage 4 Kidney Disease and requires more and more care. So I don't get much else done, besides keeping her company. We've been playing a lot of Parcheesi games, which we both enjoy. But I have had NO time for minis for over a month. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everybody!
  17. I have a treasured doll from that era also. The body is okay but the eyes have a film over them. I am afraid to touch them, because that pushes them back into the head, and I don't want them to stay there! The eyes still open and shut, but it looks like she's blind. I have her displayed anyway. She is the only toy to survive my childhood, given to me on my birthday in 1953.
  18. A picture of the house at night, with only its own lights on.
  19. Hi Drea. I have built a lot in the 1:144 scale, and have added lights to many of them. I use the tiny lights from Evans Designs, mentioned above, with the coin batteries. They have tutorials and will also answer the phone if you need help. This is my Georgian townhouse which is lit up using those lights. Georgian Townhouse There are more micro houses in my gallery, but most are not lighted.
  20. From the album: Spring Fling 2010

    The kids are fascinated by the tree - and all the presents under it!

    © checkmouse

  21. CheckMouse

    Spring Fling 2010

    A quiet Retreat, set in the Olympic Mountains.
  22. This is porcelain and I've had it for years. Don't remember where I got it. Poor little, microscopic Baby Jesus was lost for a couple years - finally found him in the bottom of a box. It's so tiny I now pack it separately in a little ziplock bag.
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