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  1. Hello Maria Welcome to the group! Muy Bienvenida! Yo viví varios años en sudamerica y hablo un poco español. Y yo quisiera visitar a España! I am new to this group also -- it's a wonderful community!
  2. Well, this is my first question in the forum! I just became a Silver Member :yes: and started my first Album. I got the pictures in okay, but I would like to change a couple of the titles. One got chopped off. I click on Edit Album and I can't see anyplace to scroll through from picture to picture and change anything. What am I missing?
  3. From the album: Grandma's Teacup

    On the back of the cup I included a picture of Grandmother as I remember her as a child, ca 1950.
  4. CheckMouse

    Grandma's Teacup

    I made this as a Christmas gift to my mother in 2000. The setting is actually a cream pitcher (not a teacup) and saucer from my grandmother's set of dishes. Grandma loved china dishes, and this set was one of her favorites -- Currier and Ives "The Rocky Mountain". It was divided up among most of her children and grandchildren, giving each of us a memory.
  5. CheckMouse

    Tea for Two

    From the album: Grandma's Teacup

    The picture on the back wall is of Grandmother with her first child, a little boy. (My mother was child no.4) Grandmother loved fancy teas, flowers and plants, and kitties!
  6. CheckMouse


    From the album: Grandma's Teacup

    The picture on the left wall is of my Grandmother as a young woman.
  7. Since nothing in the English language begins with "rm" -- may I fudge just a little? RM is an abbreviation for the word "ream" (of paper). So is it okay to make the new word: ream
  8. Hello -- I'm so glad I found this website, bless Google's little Mini heart I have been fascinated with miniatures since childhood, and was well into adulthood before I realized it was a recognized hobby and I didn't have to hide my weirdness! (We all know miniaturists think WAY outside the box!) I've never had the joy of making a real dollhouse; but have made many roomboxes, TeaCup Scenes, a bookcase dollhouse, and am now working on a "house" set in my garden window. That's really outside the "box" -- since it is all set in glass. Lots of interesting challenges! Allyn Washington is my home town (after moving around most of my life!) and if anyone actually knows where that is I would love to hear from you! Looking forward to learning a lot from all of you --
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