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  1. Thanks, Holly. Leaving the next house I will be on a gurney, being guided by some VERY handsome dudes, heading to the Coroner's nice van parked at the curb!
  2. We are in the process of moving from WA to NE. What a stupendous hassle! Our house went on the market May 2nd - and sold within the first week. And the buyer's financing fell through a few days later! So it was back to the Open Houses on the weekends (4 hours each) and text messaged appointments at any given moment the rest of the time. Packing Mother up and out of the house has been a real nightmare. With her increasing dementia we had to explain EVERY time why we're leaving - yes, we're selling - yes, we're moving. Had an offer, way too low, and responded with a counter-offer (still lower than we liked), waited for him to return from his vacation and answer his flippin' phone. Never did hear back from him, come to think of it. In the meantime a young couple asked for a special time to come to the house, because they worked nights and couldn't come in our preferred evening window. But we didn't have to leave for that one - and they ended up buying! FINALLY! Paperwork started June 15th - Happy Father's Day! So we are now in the 30-day countdown. Took three tries to get a dependable realtor in NE but the third one really is the charm! She has been very helpful - touring many homes with us via video (Facebook Messenger video - pretty cool!) . Our DD and SIL have gone to most of these viewings and it is very helpful to get their input, although I am getting suspicious that my SIL doesn't like any house in town except his own! Oh, well - we only asked for input, not decisions. We have signed papers for two houses - and lost them both due to shady selling-realtor practices. Toured one again this morning and just signed papers for it. But I refuse to get excited until they hand us the keys! I seem to be drawn to these older homes in the Midwest - they look like dollhouses! Today's house is 100 years old, with a full basement. It is structurally sound but we will be doing a few things to it. The owner is a 90-yr-old widower who has lived there for 57 years! He drove up before our tour was over - I don't think he realized we were in on the consultation. Still sharp as a tack, still driving, and moving into a one-level duplex. If we get this house I will share pictures with everybody. Maybe this third house will be the charm, also! We are getting so tired of this run around!
  3. Thanks, Holly. We are aware of that, and I worry about old electrical also. I love the old houses - but there are risks. I want to move into one that looks like a dollhouse! Thank you, Sarah! I thought they were all gone!
  4. Still house-hunting online - I subscribe to both Zillow and Realtor.com and have seen MANY nice houses. Found one two days ago that we could go with immediately - unless the inspections shows some hidden problems. Waiting for the pre-qualification to go through. One thing I really like about Nebraska is the pricing of the houses - we can get twice the house for half the price of our WA house! We are searching for full basement with a nice house on top! We have been advised that it might be better to rent first, while we look for a house. NOT! I wasn't expecting to ever move from this house (except on a gurney) and I really don't want to move twice now. Our daughter and SIL have promised to go check out any house for us, so we'll have to accept their opinion. I will try to keep up better and let you all know how we progress! PS: I notice that we have lost about 2/3 of our wonderful emoticons. They were so much fun!
  5. I know I've been gone too long when I have to put in my login information again! Life has been totally crazy for me lately. Still trying to get my mini-business producing enough to support us through retirement - having trouble mastering the laser cutter. But the biggest news is that we are, once again, attempting to move to Nebraska. We have a very good realtor this time, and the market is better than it was a few years ago. However, my mother (96) is now suffering from dementia and all this is pretty hard on her. (Why do they say the patient is "suffering"? The caregivers are the ones who suffer!) Trying to keep her on an even keel, and keep the house looking like an empty hotel room for show-and-tell, and packing behind the scenes -- it is all very stressful. I much prefer moving and building a dollhouse! And through all this I'm trying to build my business. I told our realtor that my workroom is off limits for "cleaning" - prospective buyers can see it like it is but I don't dare remove or rearrange things or they will never be found again! When I get an online order I need to know exactly where the merchandise is! We thought the house was sold a week ago, but the buyer's financing fell through so we're back to square one. Dear, sweet Mother - every day it's "Oh, are we selling the house? I didn't know that! Am I moving with you?" (Yes, Mother, for the 399th time - we're selling, moving, and you're going, too! Can't say that last sentence out loud, though - only think it.)
  6. Yes, that's what they are for - indoor growing area for small plants. I worked for a Home Improvement company, selling windows, and we had one in the booth to demonstrate. As I manned the booth for many hours on end, with no customers in the evening, my mini-imagination took off. What if I - this part could be - here I could put - etc. Forget the plants! A dollhouse was born! Not too long after that the company switched manufacturers and employees could go to the warehouse and get anything they wanted for $100 apiece (usually sell for several thousand). I got one garden window and one slider patio door and we put them into our garage-turned-office. I have had a lot of fun with that Bistro. :)
  7. Well, the new year has arrived, and now the moving plans shift up a notch. I am so not looking forward to this. And, at the same time, I am preparing for the Seattle Miniature Show in March, and MUST make a lot more merchandise to take! Planning to go find a storage unit on Monday or Tuesday and start taking things to it little by little. I am a night person so I only make progress after the rest of the house is down and quiet. I've been working on packing up my beloved Garden Bistro. Thought I could get it all in one box, but am now on Box #2. With my office door shut, I play The Golden Girls on HULU while I work. That makes the time go faster and the work is more fun, and laughing with them helps. I will most likely never get to reassemble this "house" - I don't think they have any "garden windows" in the Midwest, as no one knows what I'm talking about when I mention it. I'm so tired of moving around the country - been doing it all my life, and I thought this was the last stop. This is what I'm packing up right now ... Garden Bistro
  8. Thanks, Holly. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now.
  9. Happy New Year, everybody. This year is bringing a lot of change our way. Not sure I'm ready for it. We will try once again to sell our house here and move to Nebraska. My sweet mother is slowly declining in health, and steadily increasing in dementia. DH and I care for her 24/7 - which means we can never leave the house together anymore. No more dinners out, even on our anniversary, and no more traveling to see our kids. I have moved and packed and traveled all my life, starting at 2 or 3 years old - been settled here in my birth state for the last 20 years and didn't want to move again. But it's a necessity. We're going to the town our daughter lives in, and our son is a few hours south, so we will see them all - kids and grandkids - much more frequently. And there's a lot of family to sit with my mother once in awhile so we can go out. Been packing up my Garden Bistro dollhouse (the one in the garden window in my office) these last three evenings - should be finished tonight.
  10. CheckMouse Miniatures is having their FIRST Black Friday Sale. Good through November 30th, 2018 Coupon Code BF2018. CheckMouse Minis
  11. Thanks, Kathie - I didn't realize that was all in there! Since the last upgrade I haven't figured out all the changes yet. I see that we have lost a lot of emoticons also. They were so much fun!
  12. Yes, they are! And this bunch is right at the top! I found this site before I found Facebook, and it's still "home". And you can always ask a question and get a good answer.
  13. If you use the "quote" feature at the bottom of every post, you can reply to that specific comment, even if it's back aways, or even on a previous page. Not quite the same as FB, but you get used to it. I just used that to answer you here - it will repeat what the person said, then you can add your comment below. And if they had a long post, you can (carefully!) delete part of it to respond the part you wanted to comment on. And you can click on the "like" button, over on the right side of a post. That used to say who had liked it, but it doesn't give the names anymore. BTW - welcome to the Greenleaf Family
  14. Christine, I'm so glad you got it! I just couldn't get enthused about it - it didn't speak to me. Happy to know it has found a loving home. You have done a beautiful job of finishing it.
  15. Here's a link to my gallery, with three pictures of the Beacon Hill I had. I got it from a lady in Seattle, who advertised it as a Garfield. When I got there, I saw it was not a Garfield, but I took it anyway. Later sold it (traded) to Lynn. Hope this is the same one - it was looking for a good home! Edited to insert the link! Beacon Hill
  16. Christine, was that a partially finished Beacon Hill that you got from Lynn? Actually, mostly finished but still lacking a lot of work? I swapped her a Beacon Hill for a kit of another house I wanted. Just wondered if it was the same one. She wasn't sure if she wanted to finish the house our not. I did not.
  17. I guess this would qualify as a ghost story, as there is no explanation for it. When DH was in high school, he and a buddy went for a walk along a 2-lane road sometime after dark. It was hilly country and after a bit they heard footsteps coming up behind them, quite a ways back. They turned around, and could just make out someone in the darkness, but didn't know who it was. Figuring it was a younger brother, or a school friend, they decided to play a trick on him. They stepped off into the bushes beside the road on the uphill side - on the other side was a drop off, with no guardrail, into a deep ravine with lots of loose gravel. They listened and waited as his footsteps drew closer, trying not to laugh as they contemplated the results of their prank. Just before they were about to jump out and scare the kid out of a year's growth, the figure stopped, just a few feet in front of them. It was not a kid - it was a man they had never seen, wearing dark clothes and a hat. He stood in the middle of the road and lit a cigarette, illuminating his face. The flare of the match momentarily impaired their vision, and when the flaring light was gone - so was the man! He was wearing shoes that had made enough noise for them to hear several yards away, and there was just enough dim moonlight for them to see him approaching, and then stop - but he was nowhere to be found! No sound of footsteps - he had obviously not come to their side of the road - he could not have silently gone over the edge of the ravine on the other side of the road - he was just gone. They looked everywhere he could possibly be - nothing! When they could make their legs work again, the boys dashed home. Through the years we have all pondered what that could have been - never had an answer.
  18. Yes, I know Lynn. Glad you got to meet her - she's a very nice lady.
  19. Thanks, Nell. So far I'm only doing shows in the Northwest - but hoping to expand before too long. By moving to NE we'll have more family available to "babysit" my mother. :)
  20. Well, I haven't been on the forum very much - but had to check in and see what's going on! I know I've been gone too long when I have to re-enter my login information! I have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger for the last several months, after buying the Diminutive Details miniature business. Had a very successful Portland Miniature Show a few weeks ago and am still trying to get everything put away and sorted properly. Still learning the fine points of running my new laser cutter - which is very exciting! And since I don't have a van, or an SUV - just a little Buick - I am rethinking the display system. Must get things more consolidated, smaller packaging, easier setup, etc. Really looking forward to the next Seattle Miniature Show (March 2019) and I'm signing up for one in Boise Idaho (April 2019)! My boss (with the trade / home shows) sent me a tentative schedule for the next six months and I had to respond that I will not be available for some of them. AND - we just met with a realtor this afternoon! We are going to attempt to move again, heading for Nebraska. I know, it sounds crazy to leave beautiful Washington (ocean, rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, mild climate) for the Midwest (hot, humid, tornadoes, hot, flat, dry, hot - no complaints about the snow as that part I will love) - but that's where the kids are! As our grandchildren get bigger, it is getting harder to get all of us together anymore. It was easier when they were all little. But since my grandbabies are my MOST FAVORITE miniatures - we will move if we can. We have a different realtor this time, and after meeting with her this afternoon we are very favorably impressed! And, for my business, it will be more centrally located for some of the bigger Miniature Shows. My mother is still with us - 95 years old now. But her health is not improving (Stage 4 Kidney Disease) and she is rapidly regressing with dementia. DH and I cannot leave the house together anymore - one has to stay with her. I think the move to NE will be good for her because more family will be nearby to help out. She has 2 sisters left (3 bothers gone) and while she still remembers her sisters, every once in awhile she asks me if they had any children, and if so, how many? So sad to see her going downhill. She's always been my best friend, my confidante, my sounding board - and now I never even discussed with her the plans for my new business venture. Well - supper's almost done - gotta run!
  21. I see that Kathie answered you, too. Because I have the same houses and furniture in 2 scales, I have tried to keep them labeled. Please let me know if something is missing. All the 1:144 houses are called "micro". I've been on the phone with my webmaster for about an hour this afternoon. I have around 200 more products to upload and am trying to figure out their "global upload" - as opposed to putting each one in individually! Still working on that! Thanks for the hug, Holly. I keep thinking about you all - had to dash over to say hi.
  22. Thought I'd better stop in and say hello. Yes, I'm still alive. Been incredibly busy lately. For some time now I have been trying to move my hobby into a business. DH and I don't really have much of a retirement, and need some extra income. I want to quit working on the show circuit. It's been a great job, but 18 years is enough! This month I bought out another woman's mini business and will be running it from my home. So I'm busier than a one-armed paper-hanger right now getting all set up. I have cleaned out what used to be Mother's half of our office to make room for a truckload of stuff! Literally! I drove to Montana in a rented van and came back with it stuffed to the gills! DH put up lots of new shelves - and has been hauling bags of stuff out to the recycle bin! Unpacking - cleaning - arranging - rearranging - dumping - organizing. And trying to get all the new products up on the website! Exhausting and exhilarating! My dear mother is still with us (95) and is requiring more help. Unfortunately her memory is really slipping and we can't leave her alone for more than an hour or so. With DH and I working together, it's manageable, but for one alone (as he is when I'm working) it is a heavy load. I am hoping to have the mini-business functioning to the point that I can quit working outside the home by next Spring.
  23. I'm sure she would appreciate that. Especially if it's a donation, and not a consignment.
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